A old project that finally got finished up

This was a project that I’ve been working on when I came here in the early days of full30 forums. Well after selling some kits and a rifile I think its ready for a little show and tell.

Welcome my Aero Precision AR10 in 308 win. Its has a Primary Arms ACSS Optic with BDC. I took this from my other build. It is calibrated for 5.56 but it lines up nicely on the range. If I need to make any corrections then I have Sterlok pro print out that gives me the right holds for it. Also its a charm to shoot suppressed at the range very quite. People at the range have commented that it sounds like a 223 or I’m shooting subsonic :yep:. This a testament to the Silencerco Specwar 7.62 Have the bipod adapter for the M-lok on the way so i can mount the harries bipod on it.

Currently looking for a new grip and would love to here your opinions on your prefered grip. If you want to show off your build here, by all means do so.




thank you with everything on its a bit on the heavy side.


Well look what Mikey built, how very American of you :laughing:

And yes that a slight jab at your normal commie builds :grin:


Yes yes I know but that’s why the channel has brass and it to cover everything else. It’s been crazy here while if so I’ve had to put on hold a lot of production stuff for work and security. But hopefully I can get out there and show and tell some more stuff that comes along the way. If only I had a problem microphone that can capture the sound and convey how quiet it is


Looks like a nice rifle. I am using the Magpul K2 grips a lot.