A one login only system should be in place


I don’t know why the need for two logins is necessary, but it is unnecessary. There is nothing that told me when I signed up on the main site, that I needed a separate login for the forums. I was able to realize quickly what the issue was, but there will probably be those not as tech savvy to understand this, which might impact the growth of your site.


Thank you! I am one apparently one of those lost souls. I think I’m logged into both, but heck if I know. I must be doing something wrong 'cuz I still cannot see any videos. But I look up at the top right corner and it shows me logged in. Very frustrating!


I created a second account for the forums, so I’m glad there isn’t a unified login like I suspected. There should be a unified login because this is much better for the users. But it comes down to how experienced the administrators are in their programming skills whether they can implement it. I set up several different sites of my own but I don’t have the skills at the moment to unify logins between all of them.

It would be cool to implement and I hope they can do it.


Just putting in my two cents. Agree. A single log in would be nice. I thought I had forgotten my password at first, but as most know, that wasn’t the case. I was almost to the point of frustration where I was going to walk away, when it clicked, “maybe it was separate?”. It didn’t seem logical, but it was.


Yeah, this is rookie level web development stuff.
If full30 wants to be taken seriously, this should be rectified. Unless the forum is actually not supposed to be associated to full30 (common if the forum is maintained and managed by users and not the company.)
But if that’s the case, you might want to clearly communicate it and remove the forums from the full30 domain.

Just my .02.


That’s unlikely and it shouldn’t be the case even if it’s the intent because there’s a link to the forum at the top of the page. It’s clear that the forum is supposed to be a major part of the site.

I don’t know what engine the video site uses, but if it’s custom made then they programmers should have the experience to create a single sign on system.

Absolutely. Any “official” looking website needs to have a single account and sign on for all the features.

I doubt the gun community has as much of a problem with this as many other parts of the Internet, but not having unified accounts allows users to be impersonated if they haven’t registered on the forum, which is a secondary part of the site that not everyone will always register on.


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