A pistol to carry choice


So when faced with a choice of caring a pistol that holds 15 rounds of 9mm+p+, or a pistol that holds only 12 rounds of 45+p?
What would you choose

  • 12 rounds at 600 ft lbs of energy.
  • 15 rounds at 500 ft lbs of energy.

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9mm because less recoil, less weight.


Good point!


I train more with my edc which is a 9mm. If both where on a table to chose, I’d pick up the 9. 2 wks ago I went to the range with my 1911 45acp I can still put them on target but not as fast.


Good reason. That is very true about reacquire the target quicker with the 9mm.


45, cuz I want’em to die the 1st time I shoot’em…


Tough choice. It’s almost 50/50 for me. I like more rounds but I also like .45 holes. Honestly I would be good either way.


Well you got to vote for one or the other. Flip a coin if you can’t decide.


Carry the 124gr +P more, but 10mm shoulder rig for winter with UnderWood DE loads. I have no clue what the metrics are on the Colt DE + UnderWood; fun.


I did vote. By default 15rds 9mm +P+. :cowboy_hat_face:


Funny, speaking of this topic. I just bought 3 boxes of this today for my Canik. 18rds of this is no joke either.


.45 because I’m old and the .45 is an American round.


Wow nice.


$15 a box of 25. Not bad.


That is true and very relevant!


It looks like the 45 guys are starting to wake up.


GET OFF MY LAWN! You’re making me miss Matlock


I like the .45 with a 9 mm back up


Ha! Wild card!!


Interesting rear sight and slide. Can you explain the attributes for me?