A pistol to carry choice


Gunsmoke I can relate to Festus.


HAH! I see what you did there! :cowboy_hat_face:


It’s a Detonics.


This is still my favorite all-time carry. A 451 Detonics Magnum


Yeah I read that. I was wondering if you knew the reason behind the shorter sight radius?


The gun was made in the early/mid 70’s when about the only concealable side arm was a j-frame revolver. The FBI and the CIA had need for a powerful firearm. Detonics was the pioneer of them, The rear sight was moved forward on the slide as to allow to carry hammer down vs. cocked and locked. With the rear sight forward it allowed for a faster hammer cock with the weak hand. The Detonics was a gun before it’s time.


Now that is a good reason!


Sadly, there is a reason I carry a 40 and a 10mm with a 9mm as a “backup” cartridge.
While I have several 45s… they are either for fun, or, for suppressed fire. My Sig 227 is quite large with a 14 round mag.
My Sig 229 is small with a 14 round mag and it is pushing 580 foot pounds.
If I need more, I go 10mm where I am stacked at 17 rounds at 780 foot pounds and it is more controllable than my 45.
Capacity, weight, controlled recoil, power.
If I am running my 45 non suppressed, I usually run 185 +P rounds.


I voted for the 12 rounds of .45 acp, but frankly, it depends on where I would be carrying either of these. If in a crowded area - the 9 mm. If not so crowded and chance of attacks from wildlife - the .45 acp.

Please also note that shooting +p+ is a bit risky, generally, as it is not standardized and the gun manufacturers normally won’t support the use of +p+ ammo.

+p ammo, on the other hand, is sufficiently standardized and depending on the gun, often is supported. So, generally, I would favor using the +p over the +p+, regardless of caliber.

With the .45 acp - bigger hole, faster stop (generally). Most gun fights do not require so many rounds fired, so 12 “should” suffice. Of course, having the extra rounds is always reassuring, just in case.

For carry, it also depends on the weather. If it is cold enough outside, I could more easily conceal the gun and additional ammo, so the .45 acp would be preferred. If it is warm outside, I wouldn’t have the choice (personally), and would have to carry the lighter 9 mm (and its lighter additional rounds).


What, no options for the .40 guys? If I can’t take that, I’ll go with 9mm. Good reasoning all around here. I can agree with different carry guns for different weather, as well as a woods carry vs a city carry.


I was a 45 guy for years, saw no need to waste the training I had on the 1911, then came my introduction to the 226. I still fart around for fun with the 45 but 9mm has become my go to EDC. A 938 for warm weather, and a 239 and 226 as dress allows. I have no need for anything with a +, I train with standard pressure loads and carry standard pressure loads. If I ever have a situation I want as much uniformity with my training as possible. If I were counting on a single shot then I might go big but I train to run up the zipper, as many shots as I can get in right up the middle. No big boomer needed as long as I put shit where it belongs.


I never heard of that sadly, so I researched it. Stumbled upon this…

Average velocity for all four loads was 1,188fps vs. an average of 1,284 for velocities given in the manual. Since we did not use maximum loads, it may be assumed that velocities in the neighborhood of 1,300fps would be possible with careful load development. If a velocity in excess of 1,300fps is truly attainable with a 185-grain slug, the .451 Detonics would produce a muzzle energy of more than 700 foot pounds – a remarkable improvement of raw power over a factory-loaded .45 ACP.

Man, 700 ft-lb is some serious energy.



700 ft lbs would put it in the high end of 10 MM, and .41 magnum range(s) of power. Pretty serious for a semiauto handgun.

Of course, if you want even more power in a handgun, .44 Magnum, .480 Ruger, .454 Casull, .460 S&W Magnum, .50 AE, and .500 S&W Magnum, will get you there. And then, of course, there are the rifle calibers that can be fired out of select handguns (some BFR’s and Thompson Center handguns, among others).


I have played with loads over the years with the Detonics 451 magnum, I decided to stop when I choreographed loads with bullseye and blue dot with compressed loads, My best was with a Sierra 185gr JHP. with a velocity of 1500 fps and muzzle energy at 924 ft lbs @ 15 ft. out of a 3" bbl 1911. Step aside Dirty Harry :rofl:


I vote for:
None of the above.
The choice of weapon, caliber, capacity, none of that matters as much as the person using it.
As the saying goes, that’s the least of it.
The real weapon is you, for better or worse…



I believe guns simply amplify our weapons’ abilities, but yes, we are the true weapons.

So, the type of gun and the type of ammo for that gun, does matter, just like what type of bomb our government drops on its enemy, it really matters, and it reflects the amount of force we are willing to use to achieve our goals.


As long as you can shoot at speed, stay on target… that’s what matters. I would be more afraid of a expert with a target 22 than an idiot with a Cobra M11


RogueGunnWorks (et al):

The problem with a .22 is that it might take too long to create the desired effect. I have heard of cases like when a criminal was shot 6 times in the chest with a .22 and it still took multiple police officers to subdue him. You literally could run out of bullets before stopping your attacker. Then what?

This is why I focus on larger caliber guns for defense. Sure, I have .380’s and 9 mm’s, but those are either backup guns or for when I can’t carry anything larger. When I have a choice, I typically use a Glock 21 (.45 acp), though rarely for carry (too big for me to conceal, typically). My favorite carry gun I have ever had was a Kahr MK40 (5+1 capacity, .40 S&W).


That wasn’t my point.
An expert marksman would not bother to shoot someone in the chest with a 22… head? Yep…
My entire point is to carry a firearm you can shoot and hit the target. Sure, 500 smith and Wesson is rad…
If you can pull that steel brick out and actually be brave enough to pull the trigger and hit the target.
This is why a 10mm is usually better against a bear than a 44 mag… you can get 2 to 3 shots off on target with a 10mm compared to 1 or 2 with a 44 mag… and the second may miss.


The worst caliber I have seen is the 25 acp know of three people that have been shot with one and two of them didn’t even know it until someone told them they were bleeding.