A pistol to carry choice



Actually, that happens even with 9 mm. An ex-police officer I used to know told me he had gotten into a gun battle with a criminal and had gotten shot in the lower chest by a 9 mm. It wasn’t until later after the gun battle was over that one of the police officer’s buddies told him about his shirt being discolored and wet. Then, the police officer looked and saw a bullet wound in his lower chest and proceeded to the hospital.


Oh the mighty .25 ACP…
I had one once. Hahhaha more of a weapon you try to pull while rolling on the ground… place against attackers temple, unload the mag, hope for the best. Hahahhahaha


Modern 9mm ammo will put down moose. If we are talking fmj then I could see that being an issue on people though.



Your point is? I don’t know of anyone that thinks 9 mm is a good moose hunting round. I would be very surprised if moose is even legal to hunt with 9 mm. And, if I recall correctly, you are referring to the case where someone shot a moose with a 9 mm handgun - several times - and the moose went down. Not sure what the final outcome was - very slow death of the moose?

Sure, we can all tell of times when people or animals were killed with low-powered guns and ammo. But, I sure wouldn’t bet my hunt or my life on such underpowered guns and ammo (underpowered given the size of the target versus the ammo used).

9 mm is ok for self defense against humans - this is well established. The example I gave about the police officer was really more about shot placement than caliber. Had he been shot in the same place with a .45 acp, the results would likely have been similar. I mentioned 9 mm because that is the caliber that was involved in that shooting. And, my wording should have been clear that I was saying “even with 9 mm” - meaning, even with a normally-sufficient round.


“Even with 9mm” sounded to me like you were saying “even with a weak round like 9mm”. My bad for the mix up. I agree though.


The only difference is the ability to shoot and control the weapon. I have 60+ years of shooting and have carried for most of that time. At first it was the .357 Mag. back in the late 60’s and then I went to a .44 Mag now I carry a Glock 43 and I still can put 5 in a 5 inch circle at 25 feet from either gun. I’m not as fast as I once was but then I am smarter about my surroundings then I was then. Either will get the job done if used correctly!


Each round was developed for the same purpose. Go with the platform and caliber that suits you best. I shot the M9 for over 10 years. I never really liked the pistol’s ergonomics but it’s accuracy was fantastic. Some calibers and pistols are just made for some people despite what others say. Don’t buy a .45 if you’re good with a 9mm just because you want to be part of the club.


Oh boy… this cannot be over emphasized!


Very true!


The Poll is closed. Thank you all for playing. The 15 rounds of 9mm won with 67% of the vote!


Huh, so only 33% of our voting members are of sound mind…:joy:


Yeah, right. Just you don’t look at the joke thread.


45, I like bigg guns , I cannot lie, I used to carry a S&W 1006 and loaded it w/ Norma 10mm hot loads, around 1000 fps,when I was younger, now I carry a Taurus 327 fed mag 3 in ported brl. 6 shot rev., an before you start snickering, I’ve had it 4 yrs. and its accurate and goes bang every time I want it to


it’s funny to think back when really the only two pistols that I carried late 70s/80s, one came factory with more than 8-9 rounds ( browning hi-power - 13) and my Colt 38Super (because it has meaner and carried one more then the .45).
So there


I would definitely not snicker at that round. I was introduced to it about 8 years ago, and it really impressed me.


The original wonder 9 that started it all!


you should see it in ballistic jel!!


I bet it jumps a whole lot!


I thought the Luger has that title? The Hi Power is sexier though.


I don’t know if the Luger is considered a wonder 9 due to the lower capacity of 8+1.

I’m sure there’s something to consider with it’s toggle lock action being very innovative, or different to say the least.