A pistol to carry choice


I shot a luger (clone/replica or whatever you want to call it) and it was pretty disapointing, tbh. The Hi Power is definitely a better pistol, I just thought it was the first 9mm. Wasnt “Wonder 9” coined for fantastic plastic 9mms? Too much terminology to keep up with in the firearms world. I feel like an old geezer, sometimes.


silly guys, wonder 9 refers to wondering why you don’t have a 10mm


10mm is nice too, Wasnt the Bren10 called the “Wonder 10” or something like that?


Definition of wonder 9. Just so we’er On the same page.


Makes sense, looks like it goes back before the fantastic plastic phrase. That definition kind of disqualifies the Hi Power too, dosnt it?


Not really. I think that the hi power was the first. There is always exceptions to the rule.


This is why I said that about the hi power


just because the Browning HiPower predates the definition by 50 odd years and was the only pistol with a factory (staggered box) magazine up until then doesn’t eliminate from being the first wonder 9


The definition also says it has to be a double action at least on the first pull , right?


simple - a CZ75 and if you squint just right you would swear it was HiPower. That is just one person “opinion” or term.



Makes sense , I was wondering about that. :+1:


guess I am not really part of the crowd then. My carry pistol is a glock 42. It has plus 2 mags and I am good with the little thing. I also carry critical defense in it as this seems to be what it prefers.