A public service announcement


Friends don’t let friends buy promags


Ouch, what happened? I got a bunch of promags here we tested out and never had an issue other than being a little fussy. We even dropped full mags on concrete trying to get a tactical unload.


This is the third mag that has a sheered lug on it
There polymer is inferior always has been
This just happened from general use not even hard use


I would not recommend Troy Battle mags for AR15s either. Ive broke the base plate off two of them and broke a feed lip, they are not pmags.

@Giantspeed are AR15 promags just as bad?


Yes all promags are junk imo


The point being is don’t buy cheap inferior products just because of price point


How do you like the magpul AK mags? Dont they have steel feedlips?


Version 3 have metal feed lips and lugs
In general I’m not a big fan of magpul
There Ar pmags made them
But there ak mags have little to be desired for me
I’m a go to war kind of buyer I buy steel surplus
Or circle 10 mags
Magpul akm mags are range toys


Makes sense, so its more of a novelty then. The AR pmags are military grade they are used by the military and hold up pretty well but thats an entirely different design.


That’s there bread and butter
Everything else is a afterthought
I know ar guys love magpul
But like everything else it’s not the do all end all
Like a lot of people think
I think bcm products are way better


For me it depends, I like their stuff equally. I mix and match my tactical legos though. I like Magpul grips and BCM foregrips. I like BCM CH and Magpul pro buis. Better is more in the eyecof the beholder, both build stuff for serious use.


Some stuff is nice I agree
I get jaded a bit on some company’s offerings though
In all fairness I deal with a lot of people that think that because there firearm is magpuled out that it’s the best money can buy
It’s like there akm line of furniture
What didn’t they make it as good as some of there Ar parts
It’s a after thought to them
But there name alone sells a inferior product that most consumers buy because of a name and not its merits


Yea , I see people deck a DPMS out in magul furniture then try to argue its just “as good” as something like noveske, bcm, or LMT. I tried explaining the specs and materials used etc etc and he just said “DPMS is very similar to Colt, which is the best because thats what the military uses” :man_facepalming: … Those are the types of AR fan boys that make us look bad.

I think B5 is highly underrated as an AR brand but everybody wants magpul ,bcm or DD. I cant stand sloped cheek welds or I would rock B5 stocks,they lock up tighter then a…well…you know what I mean.


Im assuming that pro mag doesn’t use glass fiber reinforcement.


No it’s more like a toy plastic


I was wondering the same thing, wasnt there a Chinese company doing this a few years back?


Maybe. They are always up to something.
I might have a pro mag downstairs I will check.


I bought a chinese lpk and it felt like monopoly pieces. Was going to build a super cheap rifle and torture test it to death.


Nope. No pro mag. I do have a SGM tactical magazine, but that definitely has glass fiber in it.


I HAD 2 promags. Gave them away… had to file them to get them to fit the mag well (DPMS lower)… and they jammed constantly.