A public service announcement


A lot of magazines are file to fit especially polymer mags
Gun parts in general are file to fit
That’s how I make my money


Have never had to file a Pmag.


I have about 70 mags now and have owned upto 200(bulk deals :grimacing: ) . Usually Pmags, some aluminium , 2 HK steel mags and have had Troy battle mags none have needed fitted. That might be either older gi mags or an AK thing. Only AR part ive had to file fit was a CH.


I have one plastic magazine.
It broke too. NP, Testors fixed it.

$250. Who knew these would be so expensive now.
I use mine as a holster pattern. Yeah they were that realistic.


I highly dislike Pro Mags myself. Never had an issue with P Mags except when there is a catastrophic failure. I have one on my counter for people to checkout. It works… with 10 rounds in it. Anything more than 10 (it’s a 30) it self ejects. The back of the mag is cracked.
Have quite a few HK NATO mags, lots of OK GI mags, never really have had issues.
I know the new Magpul Glock mags work well for about 1500 rounds… then the feed lips start to wear out and then there are issues.
Hera mags have been good so far also. But back to Pro Mags…
Yeah, they suck… :rofl:


@jf89, B5 :+1:


I do like B5 stocks and grips… run one on my daily carry.


What I do like about the magpul mags, easy to customize. Hahhahaha
I am surprised more people do not use the GI aluminum mags. I have maybe 50 of them and while I have rebuilt them with new SS springs and Magpul followers, they work great. They are just a bit noisy…


Anybody have any experience with hex mags?


I dislike sloped cheek welds or I would own a b5 stock. I hate their grip though, my middle fingers middle knuckle takes a beating when I tried one out.


No issues with te two i have, they are higher grade stuff on par with magpul from what I can tell. They are not cheap quality.