A question about entertainment.


I’m not what you would consider a gun guru or combat expert by any means. Spent 6 years in the ARMY and know my away around an M16, just not gonna win any shooting contests. Kinda new to prepping, i’m fortunate to have a friend who is, and has helped a lot, but a big concern of mine is entertainment. I believe in a high stress environment that when you get a quiet moment here and there you need something to take your mind off things a bit. I am an avid book reader so already have a good amount of books in my favorite subjects. I have also been picking up board games here and there that my kids and my friends kids would like since we plan on linking up when it hits the fan, and games the adults might like. Also saving movies and old time radio shows to an external hard drive to play on a laptop. Does anyone think this is a waste of time?


No, especially not from a prepping standpoint, imo.


you have to remember - no electricity and entertainment, so gear towards that.
Books on paper
playing cards (on paper)
board game (on paper)
you will notice a trend (paper and no electricity)


Yep, Any movies, old time radio shows, on a laptop would be powered by a solar generator, but I plan on having plenty of non electricity powered games and such.


No, it is not a waste of time, and depending upon your situation and what you are planning for now is arguably a good time to be stocking up (one charity store near me is even giving away many DVDs now, because they are becoming harder to sell).

But remember that certain scenarios (arguably most over an extended duration) will likely make reliance on electronic devices difficult, if not impossible.

That being so, why not brush up on storytelling skills (your love of fiction puts you in good stead), conjuring, music - things which require less technology.


Well, as far as a laptop with a solar generator goes, it was sort of an afterthought. Like if it is usable, great, if it goes down, I have back up entertainment. I even bought a “Canjo” from the CB Gitty company and plan on playing with it. If I can’t learn basic songs on a 1 string instrument maybe I wasn’t meant to play…


Ha! Personally, I find that simply threatening to sing is a good way to extort promises of cash, food etc. :zipper_mouth_face:


Excellent idea to pursue & add to your preps!


the only entertainment I had planned after shtf was to just hang up libtards that were left over & use them like a pinata…


Don’t forget the need for self defense practice.
Especially in those circumstances.
Airguns can be excellent for that.


Well, I have to admit, that’s a good way to save ammo…

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I did buy a Beeman Chief to use for squirrel and rabbit, I could always use it for double duty.

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Only time will tell but I’d guess yes :thinking: