A safer alternative



Does this make an M1 even safer?


M1 is ok because it has a wood stock and only shoots hunting bullets so it cant be used in crime. Only evil people own black rifles. Didn’t ya know?


Good thing I have this.


My Mosin Nagant is safe! Or IS it…?!


That’s awesome. I am still laughing! You basically just quoted Billy the Kid!


Best $1.80 I ever spent!


Disliked the movies but loved the first 5 games.


Try “Silent Hill” or “Rule of Rose” ,complete mind fucks that make any and all horror movies look weak.


I got sent this recently of FB. Sounds pretty evil to me…


That totally looks fake to me.


Ya, but Dems will believe this 100%. Doesn’t matter how obvious and or ridiculous it is, there are always people who will take it and preach it like the gospel.


Agreed. This was pretty clearly written as bait for the anti-gunners to chomp on and run with. Pretty dang funny really. I love “semi-fully auto bolt action…”

Might be too obvious to work. But funny.