A sign that the world is ending (Wilson Combat Glocks)


Maybe Glock will make a 1911 next.


Same can be said about 4k 1911s. I honestly like tupperware pistols but $1300 is steep. My last Glock 19 had aftermarket sights, trigger and stipling done to the grip and was well under that price tag. The HKVP9 is a better value for tupperware pistols, imo.


Holy smokes that’s a lot for a Glock!


Wilson got smart…


…Are those yours?


Yes, yes they are,

just add them to my account 983210-341748-240014 and kindly deliver them,

we’ll have a beer and shoot them before dinner.

Thank you.


Ive shot a regular cabot 1911 and it was pretty but not like those meteorite guns. Those are what I envision Lex Luthers 1911s look like except made out of kryptonite.



That’s what these expensive handguns are…dumb. Sorry if that offends anyone. They are tools…


The Cabot meteorite 1911’s are off the chart, I watched some of the engineering that they figured out cutting them and the time involved…one thing for sure there will never be another set like them…If I was rich enough to have that kind of spending money I doubt I would buy them, but they would be something out of this world to handle and run a couple magazines through…


Now this is a good conversation topic!
@Mister_Torgue: ok James the spot light is on you Brother, the question is how much would you pay for a 1911? Glock? HK? Wheel gun?.
I remember when I first got into this stuff I said the same thing, but this sport is addictive and now I own a $3200.00 CZ. Some times I wounded if drugs are cheaper!
In 5 years if we are still all here it would be interesting to see if your answers change!?! I really am interested in your answers!


Ok! Qualifying criteria needed however. Is my bank account full of money or based on our current income/budget assuming the wife lets me buy?


The budget is of no concern, just what you believe the value is. So for me a wheel gun tops out at a $1000.00 in my opinion. Glocks at $600.00. HK $1500.00, and 1911 is $1000.00. These are just my opinions and so far I’ve stuck with them. When I started I wouldn’t pay more than $600.00 for a 1911, but of course then they where a lot cheaper then.
Just your top price on the average offering. If you have a stipulation let us know.
Every one should chime in.


Dont you own an HK mark 3? Those stsrt around 2k dont they?


Yeah the Mark23 does, but I bought mine “used” maybe shot once and the guy needed money so… $1500.00 was the price.


I agree , with after market sights, trigger, and grip work I was still under 1 k with my last glock. Ive got no issue with $1000 for a good pistol if I can afford it. I would spend $1500 on a 1911 and $1500 on a rifle.


You got A good deal.


Ok. I’ll categorize it appropriately.

Brand new:
1911 or clone: $1,000
CZ-75 or clone: $750
Other steel frame auto loader: $750
HK: $700, and only because I know nothing about them but would be open to one
Walther anything: $750
Wheelgun: $1,200 (mostly for a BFR in .45-70 or .444), Colt branded wheelguns are just too expensive new
Glock: $0, I don’t like them
Other brand polymer: $700

1911: $5,000, really want a WWI variant
Anything from Star S.A.: $2,000
Other steel frame auto loader: $1,500 (unless it was a P08 then $2,000)
Wheelgun: $inf, because reasons
Glock: $0


This reminds me of people harping on the Legion Sig series. And the Legion is a great gun well worth the money. People often come up to me and ask me about it, and that has value in it’s own category…if you like people that is.

If Glocks are your thing and you don’t want to mess with it yourself but rather have a top-notch gunsmith tune it for you, I don’t see the problem. The recommendations are suggested by a famous Delta operator, who put his name on the gun, and it’s a cool conversation piece.

I have seen plenty fancy dandy Glocks on the range or at a competition, jam up with all kinds of issues. So again having a factory or a highly skilled gunsmith modify your gun for you, has value by itself without counting the price tag of the mods.


Its hard to fuck up a Glock, the parts dont need fitted and it breaks down easy and does not have very many parts. 1911s are a different story completely though, Larry Vickers wrote a couple articles on this topic, I will see if I can find them. As far as the “Legion” goes its way overpriced considering the sketchy QC and crappy CS from Sig USA. The pistol is ok but still not worth what they are asking,imo. If they got their shit together QC wise I would be all over the .45 p320 and p220 though. Both the military and LE have been having reliability issues (I posted the article a month or so ago) with the p320 and several LE agencies have got rid of the p226 due to Sig USAs bullshit as of late. Too be fair German Sigs are among the best firearms ever made.


I have fired around 2500 rounds through mine. I know that’s not enough to see a statistically significant failure rate. But I have never had a single malfunction, and the gun is the same 226 that the SEALs adopted. So some citation would be interesting to see, I will try to find some myself. If what you say is documented I will place my 226 for sale tomorrow, and will replace it with the MK25 226…always wanted that one anyway, will give me a good excuse for a new gun.

As far as the value of what you get with the Legion, you are just wrong, you have never did the math on the parts for you to say something like that. Plus the factory instal and tuning has lots of value in itself, especially if you end up defending yourself with the damn thing.

As far as Glocks being hard to screw up, I just have to take your word for it. You are probably right. Still I go to an exclusive gun range and I see all sorts of fancy guns and it just cracks me up when I see some tricked out Glock have issues. Just seems sad to screw up a gun with such a low failure rate.