A sign that the world is ending (Wilson Combat Glocks)


Go about halfway down page 1 and you will see Larry Vickers post on Sig QC.


Here is what he said:

"I have seen some problems with SIG’s in some of my classes of late than I have never seen before - failures to fire, failure to completely chamber, etc. - I have heard some of the exact same things DocGKR heard and then I started seeing some bizarre problems leads me to believe there may be truth to the rumors

Up until recently I can’t ever remember having a problem in one of my classes with a SIG

Experience has taught me that all firearms makers have ups and downs - right now may be a bit of a down period for SIG

be safe

Larry Vickers"


The kids bring their wonder guns and I still go toe to toe quite well with my Colt 1911
Smoke 'em with Pop’s old HP.


My Colt 1911 was very reliable…with ball ammo not so much with HP. The feed ramps needed tuned. I used Wilson or McCormick(sp) mags and had little to no issues.


Too be fair ,Im still trying to get over my Sig hate. Ive owned 6 p320s only one was a pos and one other had small issues so its not like they are all bad. Ive had two p226s one German and one American. The German one had over 20k through it when I bought it and after changing the recoil spring I had no issues but the American one had a major issue with the trigger components right out of the box and the finish was shit but thats probably not the majority of p226s.


I have 2 p320s, with a caliber conversion kit for one. No issues with either. I agree that there have been problems with Sigs QC lately, but I personally believe it’s due to the increase in demand for their parts. They’re getting contracts pretty consistently, and I can see the workload ramping up (especially with the MHS program). If they’re pumping out tons of guns, by law of large numbers, you’ll see more issues. I have no reason to switch away from my Sigs, but I don’t judge if others do.


Might be them building a race gun and running different springs in an attempt to soften recoil for faster follow up shots. Glock fan boys are pretty bad though, I used to mess with them over on the Glock forums. I posted pics of my kaboomed Glock 22 and the mod gave me a warning for trying to start an arguement lol.


To be fair, Glocks haven’t changed much past the shape of the grip and the pin set up since the first generation. When you introduce a pretty new concept like the P320, it’s far more likely to have growing pains. Remember, the first 1911 wasn’t a one hit wonder either.


Yet HK is new to striker fired pistols and their vp9 is already making waves with no recalls or qc issues.its even priced the same as a glock.


True. But the VP9 is a narrower concept than the P320 in my opinion. I’m not denying Sig has problems that they need to fix, I just think people are riding the hate train too hard. I’d still get either of them over a Wilson Combat Glock. Or any Glock that doesn’t come from Glock. Or any Glock.


The Sig has modularity going for it . The HK uses a paddle release and has grip modules so you can customize your grips to fit your hand and has a better trigger ,Its apples to Oranges, both are passing Glock up. The thing that I like about the p320 is the compact g19 sized frame, thats a huge plus to me.


The Walther PPQs are definitly underrated


Proof that not all p320s are bad.



Looks like the Danish SF has selected the x carry.



^ This. As a general rule I dislike plastic guns but the PPQ is one awesome badass.


I dont really care if a gun is steel, alloy or polymer, its pretty irrelevant with todays technology. Quality Trigger,sights, barrel and grip are far more important than what the frame is made out of.


Each person is different. That’s what makes the world go 'round. :slight_smile: :+1:

For me I don’t like a slide noticeably heavier than the frame–aka top heavy. Technology has nothing to do with it for me. But this is all personal preference. I can shoot with the plastic stuff just fine and the PPQ is no exception. That trigger is sublime. :cowboy_hat_face:


An article on a couple MPs opinions of their p320s and the m9. Seems the P320 is more liked in those circles.



The Walther really does have a slick trigger. I want to crack one open and get a look at the FCU. As far as the rest goes you are 100% right on that.


Ahh the M9. Another gun Wilson Combat “upgraded”. Although it’s more boat anchor than gun. It’s a gun people want to praise when they’ve never had to carry it. I’m not surprised people like the 320 over the M9, almost anything is better than the M9 at this point.