A sign that the world is ending (Wilson Combat Glocks)


The Walther PPQs are definitly underrated


Proof that not all p320s are bad.



Looks like the Danish SF has selected the x carry.



^ This. As a general rule I dislike plastic guns but the PPQ is one awesome badass.


I dont really care if a gun is steel, alloy or polymer, its pretty irrelevant with todays technology. Quality Trigger,sights, barrel and grip are far more important than what the frame is made out of.


Each person is different. That’s what makes the world go 'round. :slight_smile: :+1:

For me I don’t like a slide noticeably heavier than the frame–aka top heavy. Technology has nothing to do with it for me. But this is all personal preference. I can shoot with the plastic stuff just fine and the PPQ is no exception. That trigger is sublime. :cowboy_hat_face:


An article on a couple MPs opinions of their p320s and the m9. Seems the P320 is more liked in those circles.



The Walther really does have a slick trigger. I want to crack one open and get a look at the FCU. As far as the rest goes you are 100% right on that.


Ahh the M9. Another gun Wilson Combat “upgraded”. Although it’s more boat anchor than gun. It’s a gun people want to praise when they’ve never had to carry it. I’m not surprised people like the 320 over the M9, almost anything is better than the M9 at this point.


Dosnt the m9 weight more than a 1911?



Beretta’s m92 (similar, I believe), weighs in the 32 to 34 ounce range.

Most (full size, .45 acp) 1911’s are 35 to 41 ounces.