A sign that the world is ending (Wilson Combat Glocks)


An article on a couple MPs opinions of their p320s and the m9. Seems the P320 is more liked in those circles.



The Walther really does have a slick trigger. I want to crack one open and get a look at the FCU. As far as the rest goes you are 100% right on that.


Ahh the M9. Another gun Wilson Combat “upgraded”. Although it’s more boat anchor than gun. It’s a gun people want to praise when they’ve never had to carry it. I’m not surprised people like the 320 over the M9, almost anything is better than the M9 at this point.


Dosnt the m9 weight more than a 1911?



Beretta’s m92 (similar, I believe), weighs in the 32 to 34 ounce range.

Most (full size, .45 acp) 1911’s are 35 to 41 ounces.


Getting back to Wilson combat making custom glocks I have been wondering why so many young people like Glocks “ myself included” so much with there forward grip angle and I think I just discovered why…

Yep that’s why. It’s the Japanese fault!


Thats friggin awesome! hahahaha


Seriously though, I’m not spending more than $1K on a handgun. A handgun is just a weapon you use to get to a better weapon. Rifles however, $1K will buy the glass…


Well you make a point but I didnt like that game. Glocks have a low bore axis and the gr angle makes you tilt the gun in just a way that you really look down the sights. Its ugly though. The nintendo gun looks better.


Now that is a thought! You gave me an idea.
Get back to me about that in a month or so.



I pretty much agree with that $1k limit on handgun prices. There are a few exceptions: namely when the handgun is extraordinary in a good way (along with good to great quality). For example: the X frame S&W’s pretty much all cost over $1k - but they are as powerful as most rifles.


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