A small town in 1946 feeling intimidated by local, corrupt politicians, especially concerning voting issues - took up arms against their aggressors and turned the tide for the community. The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution worked very well!


Athens is almost there again.


I saw that as a teen and again a few years ago.
Should be mandatory screening for all cops, feds, etc.


Kinda’ looks like what the USA will probably look like in November! Agree or disagree, you have to admit that at this point in time this is clearly within the realm of possibility,

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!! And they will prove it in November


Just watched it for the first time. A noble cause, and dirty business. It was worth it.

It worked for them. But I would not be so sure it would work for us. Right now the battle is in the courtroom. When the facts come out, I hope the battle will be over.

If the figurative battle is not settled, and justice not served, the theater of war will have changed. The battle won’t necessarily proceed to bullets at that point. I suggest we wait for them to show their colors, and give an appropriate counterattack (figurative or literal) of comparable force then. The election was taken through lack of information, and abundance of emotion. Breaking through that won’t be easy. Taking back people’s hearts will take stark events to make right and wrong clear as day, and emotional power on our side.

We should make clear that group leaders are responsible for war, and if they position themselves and their lackeys to fight, they should be ready to take responsibility for the slaughter. Who fires the first shot in a war is seldom known, and is ultimately of little importance. The first side to array unrighteous force will, G.d willing, lose all.

We must pre-visualize what is righteous and unrighteous. Equally, we must understand what those on the other side (and the undecided) consider righteous and unrighteous.

May G.d protect us all, and this nation.


For example, if the information attack continues, we should continue and intensify our counterattack with information. If they come to take our guns, then we take up arms. And we should be training for both.

Masks do comparatively little to our freedoms and aren’t worth fighting over in my opinion. Our efforts are best reserved to prepare for abuses of information authority, abuses of law via the courts, and abuses of force.


Well let’s see now:
1 ) Do you believe that man has the right to murder children, even prenatally: Yes or no?
2 ) DO you believe that an eight Y/O child should be allowed to make choices which will result in the mutilation of their bodies: Yes or No?
3 ) Do you believe that we are granted rights by our government: Yes or No?
4 ) Do you believe that your ideas are right for everybody and therefore everybody needs to adhere to them: Yes or No?
5 ) Do you believe that a life choice entitles you to special privileges Yes or No?
6 ) Do you believe that you have the right to stifle any opposing viewpoints to yours: Yes or No?
7 ) Do you believe that education should include sex ed. with pornographic materials showing sodomy and transsexualism as normal, political orientation, and classes designed to socially engineer the youth of this nation: Yes or No?
8 ) Do you think it is OK for schools to teach the Koran while specifically excluding the Bible and the Pentateuch and Talmud: Yes or No?
9 ) Do you think it is OK for government to do end runs around and show disrespect for the Constitution of this nation: Yes or NO?
10 ) Do you think it is OK for the government to systematically target specific rights reserved to the people for subjugation and restriction in direct violation of the clear language of the Bill Of Rights: Yes or No?

You know, I could go on for hours but the point I believe is made that there is already a clearly defined in your face right and wrong. People have chosen sides and that is why we are seeing the kinds of tumultuous times we are currently in. There is no place for accord in this current environment either we are with that which is right and moral, or we are with that which is evil and destructive.

And the three hundred said MOLON LABE.


On your bill of questions, I believe in the same morals.

But those are beliefs. I was talking about actions. A righteous law does not punish beliefs. It punishes actions.

Which is more important, belief or action? The Talmud says: “Study is greater than action because it leads to action.” By all means, we must keep our beliefs clear. But a belief without action is a ghost. The greatness of the belief must come through in action.

If the action fails, something is wrong with the set of beliefs that produced it. For example, if someone were to bomb an abortion center, the action would fail. He would be condemned, and the other side would flare up, and the centers would get more support than before. Why? Because he believed orderliness would be less valuable and less effective than violence in this case. He would be wrong.

The appropriate response, in my opinion, is to show viscerally with clear proofs and video how evil abortion centers are through the press. Take away their emotional support.

Now, if the government or abortion center were to forcibly and physically take your wife to abort your child, violence would be appropriate, because then it’s physical force. But not before then.


Evil is a choice and the permissibility of it is the course that the left has chosen. Those who support the left support these evils.
That is not an opinion it is a fact.

And the three hundred said MOLON LABE



The reason I’m not going on a rampage (and no one else on our side is either) is that the degree of evil is not yet sufficient. The degree of evil depends largely on the immediacy, the violence, whether malice is present, and whether the actor was aware that the action is evil.

Regarding abortion, for example, there are several reasons why we don’t go vigilante. First, it isn’t happening right in front of us in the same room, so it is not immediate. Second, although the act is violent, the full degree of violence is unknown, and willingly undertaken by the mother, who views it as mere surgery. Third, there is no malice, since the responsible parties are unaware that the child can feel the pain and be conscious of it, thinking the child to be “tissue.” And finally, the actors are unaware that the action is evil, and in fact think it is a benefit. In such circumstances, even Noahide law would not sentence to execution by a human court, although the act remains forbidden and worthy of censure.

Regarding riots, however, communities do nobly take up arms in defense. Why? Riots are immediate, obviously violent, and malicious towards the residents and owners. Further, the rioters are aware that their actions are illegal and hurtful.

Likewise in Athens, arms were not taken up until a victim was shot and the ballot boxes violently seized. This usurpation was an immediate threat to the residents, obviously violent, malicious, and done with awareness that this denies a fundamental right of self-determination.


Tell that to an unborn child while they are getting burned alive in a high concentrate saline bath, or their brains are being sucked out of their little skulls without even the use of an anesthetic ! I think they might disagree with you on that point.

And the three hundred said MOLON LABE.


Without a doubt they would. You can say the same thing for the Uighurs and Falun Gong having their organs harvested in Chinese gulags, the sex slaves being peddled over our Mexican border, the Yazidi Christians getting raped in Iraq, and any number of other crimes against humanity throughout the world. Callous as it is, we are not personally gearing up to go fight these things either.

None of these things are right. They deserve to be rescued. Heaven forbid that I justify such crimes. But our first duty is to stand guard over and protect those closest to us, and teach our own what is right and wrong. If not, even the indignation over such evil may be lost in the next generation.

There is no obligation to endanger ourselves to save another, and in many cases it can even be self-defeating. We have to keep living to carry on the fight.


Clearly you’ve not watched Seinfeld


On this we do fully agree. from there we differ and that is OK but you will not convince me of other than that which I know to be right. It is only because of many many who HAVE put themselves in danger and some who paid the ultimate price that we can even have this conversation. I have no shame if it be the my CREATOR would require of me this same sacrifice that others could know the freedom that I have for the most part of my life.

And the three hundred said MOLON LABE


I’m having second thoughts on this. Not because they are a sheep’s badge, but because of how social distancing and mask mandates are being abused to deny service or entry.

For example, there was an Southwest flight that used mask policy to boot a passenger off. He was wearing a Trump mask, but the official reason for ejection was that he wasn’t wearing it—while eating airline-provided peanuts.

In the elections, GOP poll challengers were blocked from getting too close to the counters, saying that it was because of COVID protocols.

Quotes from Detroit Affidavit

I had a man scream in my face to back up and be 6ft away when I already was or he’d throw me out.
~ Affidavit page 4, item 15

On both November 3… and… 4, 2020, I was instructed to back up 6 feet from the table and I was unable to see what was happening…
~ page 12, item 12

I was instructed to back up 6 feet from the table, however, the democrat challenger, who stood in between where I was standing and the poll worker at the table, was not told they needed to back up.
~ page 13, item 2

When I arrived I, along with other Republican challengers, were told we needed to remain standing in one place and be six feet away from everyone. Eventually we were told we could move around the counting room.
~ page 15, item 4

I proceeded to take down my own personal notes when a floor supervisor immediately approached me and in an authoritative manner and told me I was not social distancing. I responded that he was also not social distancing.
With little explanation, the floor supervisor proceeded to threaten me with ejection if I did not follow his rules. I backed away and continued to observe.
~ page 20, items 6 & 7

Throughout the day, I was on numerous occasions told that I was not allowed within 6 feet of the tables. I told them I had to step in for a moment for each ballot to ensure that numbers or names matched and assured them that it would be brief and that the lawyers said this was by lawful, but table supervisors and their broader supervisors would often step in the way and prevent me from seeing ballots while claiming I was trying to kill or endanger their ballot counters with Covid. This was obviously incorrect and even when lawyers would tell the whole table this, they would often argue with the lawyer. After the lawyer would leave, sometimes the behavior would continue.
~ page 24, item 8

When I would try to verify the names on the envelope or check the ballot number against the envelope number to ensure everything was okay, I was given the Covid runaround and separated from the table.
~ page 25, item 11

Covid was also used as an excuse to close gun stores in liberal counties in California.

[G]un shops have been closed in most of the Bay Area. On March 31, the NRA and its allies sued Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties in federal court in San Francisco for refusing to declare firearms dealers to be essential businesses.




Add in a vaccine requirement coming soon to a town near you:


lol, I suspect the vaccine is a ticket to a much bigger show than ticketmaster can host


Bump, just because I like the video and wish we had more people like that now