A socialist judge killed more kids than all my AR15s


A socialist just managed to kill more children than all of my AR15s combined, but where’s the cries for banning judges? When the Government can pick and choose when your kids live or die, that is the time you need an AR15.


what did the socialist judge do, exactly?

any articles we can read about it?




Wow! Hard to believe how a government can be so intrusive into a family’s lives and dictate the (lack of) care for their child.

So, this family is not even allowed to leave the country? That stinks!

Too much government!


I am not surprised about the T4 program given that it was run by the Nazis.

Just goes to show you how far big government can go when the people do not stop it.

Thus the saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely.



more concerning…NO

I am more concerned with the seemingly ever-growing government, and also, its intrusiveness into people’s daily lives. Yes - history is a great teacher and should not be ignored. But, the real problem is the overgrowth and control that our government (as well as others - noting the start of this thread in particular), that has occurred, and is affecting our lives already.

Just imagine if you were one of the parents that was told by the government that you would not be allowed to try everything that would be within your means (if only the government would let you), to save your child. How would that make you feel? I can’t even imagine in my case, but frustration and anger would definitely be two parts of it.