A unique thought on 22 for LR practice.

Gotcha. I’ve been wanting a CZ American for a long time. This is just more fuel to the fire. The 22PRS is very intriguing to me.


OK still working on .22PRS…

I had a long frustrating time with it. Ejection from my t-Bolt was not at al acceptable and I went all over the place trying to get it right. I changed the adapter, changed the mounts, modified the adapter, and finally took yet another look at the 10 round mags of modern manufacture. I looked at them early on and everything seemed to function OK even though they had a tab sticking up to eject the brass before it hit the elector built into the rifle. But that was all that was left to try. So I removed the tab and tested. So simple and that was the problem. All modern made mags have been so modified to match the OEM mag. No ejection malfunctions since.

Still working on deciding what ammo to buy. I WILLNOT but the super expensive stuff (yet). Yeah, I know that at extended ranges it will make a difference but I’m behind the trigger and I’m the biggest variable. So for now I’m testing moderately good ammo. My T-Bolt printed really tiny groups with Wolf extra match (ELEY) and SK semi-auto. But old dogs new tricks (FFP w/target turrets vs SFP) … I should have dialed in a mil or 2 of come ups so as not to obliterate my aim point. Yeah, tiny groups but I need to do it again and this time keep my tiny aim point to see what the rifle likes best.

Slow but positive movements forward. I didn’t expect to shoot at any distances past 100 yards this shooting season. I sorta knew what was involved and at that I underestimated it. But not shooting beyond 100 yards? In that I’ll probably be successful. !00 yards is easy right now as long as there’s no wind. I’ll get beyond that.


There was a article in G&A about sorting 22 LR Ammo. The Rim thicknesses was the least effective. Run out was the most effective, and head height was second. Shooting Times did one too I think.

I have heard that sorting it by weight in a half grain increments is a good way too. Though you would need to still find the weight and manufacturer that works best in your barrel.

Not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze. I find it hard to find the time shoot much less sort ammo. It would be worth it if I was shooting PRS… a guy can dream :sleeping:


Thanks! I’ll look for the articles. Winter is coming so I’ll have time to sort ammo. Weight I can do, COAL I can also do, runout not so much.

I’ve always been impressed by that rifle that the Belgians made, even when it had the 2-7x Galileo era scope on it. I never missed. It was like the rifle was magical. Now I know why that I have a much more capable scope on it.

edit: Been doing a lot of research into sorting. From what I’ve read most of it is rubbish and not worth the time invested. I can see where runout would be worth checking but I can’t do it. Weight showed promise in what I read. But weight boiled down to velocity. Heavy meant lower velocity and lighter meant higher. That author suggested chrono’ing ammo to find the smallest SD and using that ammo/lot. Of course the ammo has to be accurate in the rifle first.

One thing I did run across, and my experience bears this out, is to fire a load, maybe up to 40 rounds, to allow the load to coat the bore and such with it’s bullet lube to see what the load will do. And then don’t run anything other than those bullets down the bore, not even a brush or a patch. Thank goodness for non-corrosive primers!