A very close call


A while back I was testing out some of the hand loads I made for the 500 magnum. I had a little ops on this one. It was filmed at 240 fps. Anyone care to calculate my reaction time?


To shit your pants?


Good thing I was wearing my brown pants that day.


A falling gun is all trigger…

Scary stuff.




When testing rounds I only load one at a time. Never know what will happen. I’ve used that vise many times and never an issue, that one just managed to jump right out.


Very good call.



Do they make braces for those wheelguns? Would badass to turn one in to a “carbine”.


At regular speed I thought it had knocked you in the head.


If it did, it would explain a few things…


Now you see it


Now you don’t


Where’s it go…


That explanation is because my wife hit me with a cast iron frying pan.


Lol, did it damage the pan?


I don’t think so, my vision hasn’t returned.


My son and I went to the indoor range today. We shot the 9mm PCC, 5.56 nato, and for the very first time, my 6.5 Grendal. Because the Nato and Grendal was first time, both needed to be sighted in. Good lord, my head is still spinning from the Grendal. The over pressure and power was unexpected. I’ll be working on some videos from that trip in Wednesday I think. Had fun.

This was the 9mm, sights are a bit high at 30 feet.

This was the 5.56 Nato at 25 yards.


I thought you were going for the Gunness fastest fire and re-holster time.


I bought that pan cheap on eBay.




The .500 magnum is a scary round. I shot a 6"one with a comp and it still kick like a mule. The guys that shoot hot loads out of the 3" versions are crazy.


I’ll stick with my 8", it shoots nice and very controllable.