A very fun pistol stage, that I designed! [Full30 Video]


I had the opportunity to design this pistol stage for the Lone Star Armory Summer Spectacular Run and Gun. Competitors had to run the stage blind, not being allowed a walk through or to be able to see the targets from the start of the stage.

The stage included enough movement to really get your heart pumping, short distance movements, long distance sprints, large targets to emphasize speed, small targets to throw you off after having just shot large targets, a great enough hit count to require at least one reload, and it started with a Texas star.

Not many people completed this stage in under a minute. Since I designed it, and ROed it, I got to run it a bunch of times and improve my time.

This was my fastest time. It was late in the day and hot. With some rest and a little more practice, I’m confident it could have been lowered down into the 30s, but probably not much more than that.

Fun stuff like this is why everyone should get involved with shooting competitions!

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I haven’t watched yet but bookmarked for later!

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I complete the stage in 45 seconds.

Just watch it!



Mystery stages.
That’s what one of our local matches calls them.
Very challenging and fun.
Lots of complaints from the gamer crowd.
A local indoor range specializes in them.
Each competitor begins outside the range and goes through a closed door to begin the stage.
Outdoor versions require vision barriers of some kind.
Thanks for the video, personally I’d like to see more of this type of stage.
The more confusion the more realistic the stages are.


@brianpurkiss, I could hear the excitement in your voice congratulations on the new personal best you’re a damn good shooter!

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Blind stages are so difficult to do in a competitive environment. I like them, and they have their place, but they have drawbacks too.

Since we’re in a competition, we want the competition to be as fair as possible. A poorly built blind stage will punish people who are unlucky because they missed something and a lucky person just happened to look and move in the right directions.

That is a very realistic thing and a very valid training element, I don’t deny that.

It just makes it difficult from a competitive perspective.

Yeah, I was pumped. It was also an event best! Since… you know… I setup the stage and ran it multiple times… but that’s irrelevant - It was the best time of the event!

Thanks! I still have a ways to go. Those final bits of shaving time off to hit grand master are quite the challenge.


Was there a make Robert jealous memo today?

Thats an

Awesome flippin range!


My goodness it was. The amount of targets. props, barricades, and all sorts of goodies they had… so dang awesome…

I got winded watching…

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That looks like a heap o’ fun. But some shade and maybe a refreshment stand about half way through would be nice.

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Did I mention it was a 100+ degree day?

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