About Company

Greetings to all of you fellow shooters! We’re just a small company in Englewood, FL specializing in reloading supplies. We stock the normal primers, powders, brass and bullets and will sell brass and bullets over the internet on our web site, www.USReloadingSupply.com and also carry some dies, presses and other accessories too. Our shop has both a class 1 and class 6 ATF licenses so we can do gun transfers ($20) and also manufacture ammunition (read as custom reloading). On a monthly basis we hold NRA Metallic Reloading classes to train others on how to safely reload. This is done with our presses or if you have one, bring it in and we can train with it instead.

We can price match most big box stores and do a lot of special orders, especially to avoid the hated HazMat fees. So if you need something we don’t carry, we can probably special order it at better than what you can from Cabellas or many others. In addition, in store prices are less than our website prices and all web and store purchase qualify for our monthly drawing for 1 $50 coupon and 2 $25 coupons. We have weekly sales, and if allowed, will probably post them here too.

Always looking for once fired brass too, that is in decent shape, paying cash for it. If you are in the area, stop by and say hi, we are always interested in meeting new people and talk about the finer things in life, like… guns and reloading!


Just returned from Jim’s world with the next piece of my reloading puzzle


Thanks Robert, it was good to see you. Looking forward to seeing you start reloading, I think you’ll really enjoy it.