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I am here to see video.

I am not here to read a blog

I am not here to buy t-shirts

I do not want to search around and then have to log on to see the videos


There seems to be a bug in the login system. I can’t log on the web site directly and have to go through my account confirmation email. Only from there will the site accept my password. Anybody else experiencing the same issue?



I have two areas of commentary on the site:

1.) Loggon…Y U NO WERK?!?

The first thing that I needed to troubleshoot was that it seems that my profile for the video side of Full30 is different from the Forum. I would have assumed before double checking my username for the video side and attempting to sign up and seeing that my username was available that my video profile would have worked for the forum as well. I would suspect that there are others that who would be a bit confused by this as well.

2.) Auto-play video

Either site-wide or through options, auto-play needs to die. There are a number of reasons why there shouldn’t be auto-play, but the top reason is that it wastes bandwidth. Additionally, it seems that the videos being auto-played are kind of random. The most irritating part of this is when a video I would like to watch is auto-played when I step away from my computer. Later, a video will appear to be watched when in fact it hasn’t…just played when no one is around.

Somewhat recently the timer in-between videos was extended. This stopped the video from jumping into another video before the viewer could close the tab or navigate to another address; however, it also allows for the viewer to forget that they have left a tab open. In the last week or two I began clearing my home when I seemed to hear people downstairs…until I realized it was just an erroneously playing video.

BTW, I do like the branching out of the site into other areas…blog, store, etc. I may go grab a shirt. :white_check_mark:
…and emoji integration…nice.


My complaint/constructive criticism is also the same. Why do I need to make a different account from my Full30 account in order to access the forum?