About to hand checker this frame



Look forward to seeing it.




Any advice


Oh, is this your first? What do you plan on using (which file(s), Jig(s))?

What I would advise is starting with horizontal lines first, cutting them deep, then going to vertical.

Here are a couple of videos:

This is where I improvised a jig, but I am sure you can make a jig similar to the one I use all the time.

This shows the jig I use.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Amazing, thanks for that video. I just got my smithing files the other week.


I have the modern gunsmithing checkering jig
A 20lpi file and the 60degree med deepening file

I have watched all the videos that you have done checkering
I also have been working with a pistol smith a bunch latley and have been learning some things I didn’t know before

I have checkered some test peices but this will be my first frame

I have to say though building custom 1911’s has bitten me hard latley and brownells has been getting a lot of my spare cash
I’ve been slacking a bit at the shop on normal work and ar building just to work on 1911’s
Hope you are well Igor


I am all good, Jesse. Just still working a lot.

The only thing to add then (given that you have the jigs and files) is to stick with the checkering file if you are doing traditional (evenly checkered) checkering.

Using the V file will make it more difficult to maintain uniformity.


Even one line out of place will stick out like a sore thumb.


I’ve noticed that you stoped using the deepening file and just continue to use the checkering file


Yup, much better results are produced that way. You can still use the V file, but only at the very end.

Because of the geometry of the checkering file, at some point it should land onto the tips of the pyramids and not cut any deeper. In doing so, the tips of the pyramids can get dulled. This is where you would use the V file just to sharpen them back up.

However, 20 LPI is no joke, and depending on your hands, you may like it slightly dulled.


oh, and definitely use mechanic’s gloves, or something with thicker, padded finger tips. That file will chew them up, especially when doing vertical lines.


Yeah I saw you used bandaids as well
I was also speaking to Jesse James about hand checkering and he said mechanics gloves were the best thing to use as well


Wouldn’t mind learning welding from that guy. :wink:


Me either
He’s actually pretty approachable and isn’t scared to share some knowledge unlike some of the other builders that I have spoken to like Ed brown who after my experience with him at shot show would never purchase his products.


I don’t doubt it at all. Seems like a cool guy.


Just a update
Polished yesterday
And started cutting lines today


Looking like a great start. And good to see you pacing yourself.


My thought as well


horizontals are almost deep enough