About to hand checker this frame


Looking good. I’ll be getting a bunch of 1911 frames soon, so I’ll be doing this as well, so ya, I’m following close.


What jig and files are you getting ?


This is what I got for files.


I just spent 120 dollars on 2 files
Brownells or midway has these


Started the vertical lines
But has to stop my fingers are like hamburger from this file


Did you forget to wear gloves? Good leather gloves will help.


Looks great. You can add another zip tie behind the one you have to make the stop more rigid, and to further protect the frame when the one you have on snaps. It happens.

When you come back to it, your starting vertical lines are already deep enough to start leaning the file over and cutting new ones to each side. You will find that sides are the most difficult as you will need to apply sideways pressure onto the file. Go extra slow and take lots of breaks…

And the most important suggestion with this type of file is to “listen” to the file. It guides itself. You just supply elbow grease.


I don’t think I could use gloves there’s a feel to this file that you have to have and as mosin said a sound that you have to hear


I would strongly advise gloves for the next time.
Specifically for cutting vertical lines, because that is when I start holding onto the work areas of the file with both hands for more control.


almost done


Looks great!




Mainspring housing time


still sane?


Maybe not lol
I just can’t get enough


Is it my eyes, the picture, or are the lines off square just a tiny bit? I really can’t tell.


I think there is one that’s not straight
My first time it’s a gun I bought for 300 dollars that I was going to learn with


learn its too much work?


Just something I used that really help was the SDM 1911 holding fixture from Midway. You can turn alot different ways.and works great for checkering.


The old way is the best way