About to hand checker this frame


I have the brownells jig it’s servieable


I should have used a stone this time to pull up the high spots on the front strap
I guess you live and you learn


Can’t wait to see it all finished.


Main spring housing done now as well


disappeared nicely :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking good!


Excellent work.

Are you planning to sand blast it?


I am actually I don’t have a media cabinet as of yet and I can’t use the one at the shop on my own stuff
But my buddy has one in his shop so I’m trying to work it out with him


Started cleaning up line by line


almost cleaned up the front strap


That looks great! I wish I had, not only the talent, but the time to do that. :+1:


Nice good job


We all live diffrent things I’ve been building things for a long time and I work in guns for a living
But it’s rather mundane some times when you go to the shelf and it’s all Glocks to build or something like ftf because shitty feed ramps
I’ve just got bit by hard by John browning weapons


Of the many things to get bit by that one is not bad.



Ahahahhahaa no my friend it is not
Your guidance has been well appreciated
I decided to de horn this frame as well
Why not I already ruined the finish


De horned my frame and started to sand it a bit
I just mocked this up and was thinking maybe I’ll just polish the frame


Didn’t have a polishing station in the shop at the house so I took apart my bench grinder and now I have one


Going all out i see…


Just learning my friend
My frame is starting to shine up real nice


Stripped the dura coat and have started to polish this thing to a serious shine