About to hand checker this frame


I’m going to need to set up a polishing station.



Just another mock up
Polished most of the other parts
But the frame still need some work


Looking great. When are you fitting the rest of parts?

Can’t wait for the range report!!!


I shelved it for a few days I have a couple of side jobs going on so I’ll get back to it pretty soon

I’m blending and

polishing a Taurus 1911 at the moment


Wouldn’t be a proper project without other projects at the same time :grin::grin::grin:


This job is about done
Just waiting on the tjs custom shin from brownells to change it from a 80 series to a 70 series


@Tactical_Reviews did you get some frames ?


Not yet


Damn fine work!




I assume you will be taking it out for some range time as soon as the shim arrives.

Cant wait for it.


I plan on it
I have never converted a 80 series gun before so I definitely want to make sure it’s functiinjng properly before he come to get it himself

I didn’t really change to much internally to this one most of it was external work
I wanted to dehorn this frame and slide but the customer didn’t want to pay for that so I didn’t


Fitted all the new parts that are in this now
And put it together for a test fire tommorow




Looks good, love 1911’s


Me too

@Mosinvirus took mine out this morning and ran 200 rounds through it
Ran flawless
It felt a lot better to shoot after checkering
Had gloves on though because it was 30 degrees this morning


That is very good to know. Thanks for reporting back.
and Congratulations on getting your first hand checkering done.


Thanks buddy


@Mosinvirus have you filed more that one slide for the sights ?