Active shooter trauma kit

Every range bag should have a first aid kit, that’s a given. But think about it, what could be needed at the range. Sure, someone might get a splinter from the bench, or cut themselves on something. But what if something more unthinkable happened? A ricochet, a catastrophic weapon malfunction, or that noob who turns around to ask a question and pulls the trigger. What then? Standing there unable to offer any assistance is the worst feeling you could imagine. That’s why my range bag has one of these kits in it. I pray I never need it, but will thank God if I do. In addition to this I also carry packets of quick clot in my bag, in a pocket of my plate carriers, in the glove box of my Jeep.

Lastly, get some first responder training, even if it’s just the basics.


One of my fun “hobbies” is R/C Flight. Some of my airplanes use up to 45cc chainsaw engines with 20" props.

I have a moderate size trauma kit in my SUV and have used it several times.

But just as or more important is some training. One of my first jobs was at an iron and brass foundry and I volunteered as part of the first aid response group. We had at least one amputation a month in the flange cutting presses and some horrific burns (think of a two foot tall crucible of molten bronze at 3,000°F moving along a tram-rail and someone stepping in front of it and getting splashed or a boot full from a spill). The machine shop had the equivalent of gunshots when a cutting head on a turret lathe/mill shattered.

We didn’t wait for an ambulance, there was no 911, so we stabilized and transported the non-burn & non-chest cases ourselves to an emergency ward two miles away.

This place closed up in 1982, but would not have survived OSHA much longer than it did, anyway.

But then, and ever since, I’ve taken all the trauma/first aid classes I can get into. Now where I work the largest dangers are Hydrogen Sulfide gas (you fall over dead before you notice a concentrated exposure) and fall/trauma.


Good post - good kit - good advice!
Advances in wound care of GSW have saved many lives.
Worked pretty good for us on the blood filled streets of democrat dump Newark NJ.