So since I am banned from advertising on Google, Facebook and all the other sites out there, and I got banned from reddit/r/gundeals I wanted to see where other retailers are advertising. I have been in touch with Full30 and seems like a way to go, but not sure of the ROI for it to justify the amount that I would need to front.



Yahoo, google, bing, all a big no. Facebook, twitter, G+ again, nope. That leaves gunbroker, here, that kind of stuff. None of the search engines will allow it.


Gunbroker… hmmm I will have to see about them.


Honestly now a days you should probably become a member of a lot forums and advertise your stuff there as well
Even if you don’t have a vendor status on those sites you could still move product that way
It seems like we’re all having to go underground


Yeah maybe I will be able to pimp out some parts


Seriously I belong to a forum with 600k members
Some of them have been there scince 2004-2005 and all they use it for is the market place
It’s a viable way to move product


I will have to join a few more. Everyone here has been great I have gotten pummeled on some of the forums by trolls. Feels like reddit on some of them and that’s why I try to stay off of reddit.


There is the trolls for sure


Organic reach is the way to go. I refuse to give a cent to any of the big guys who simply refuse to work with us. I use them to push reach.