Advice on .308 to 800


Hey folks, I have a few questions. I’m looking into getting an M1A. I plan on shooting it out to about 800, and I’m a bit stumped on how I want to do this. On one end of the spectrum, I’ve been looking at an Springfield M1A Loaded with the Archangel Stock, but I’ve found very little info about their actual performance at range. If I were to go this route, I understand that I’d need to shim the gas system, and replace a couple pieces (oprod, spring etc.) with NM items to really get the most out of the base. On the other hand, I have been thinking about going with a Fulton Armory with the a barreled action, upgraded trigger pack, and dropping that into an archangel stock. Are there any M1A experts out there who have plenty of experience in accurizing the rifle?

Or should I just say screw it and get a PWS Mk220 Mod 1-M?


My vote is for an ar-10 platform instead of an m1a. The m1a requires upkeep to remain accurate. The action to stock mating is fast but loose. Even when you bed them they will need re bedding after so many rounds.


In my oppinion you should go with an ar10. You are going to end up spending more on a system that will not be as accurate as the ar platform at range. I think you will be disappointed and it will be a difficult one to sell. I have seen many “worth” $1800 and they did ok… but nothing 1.25k into an ar10 wouldnt do better. Probably not the answer you want… on the up side the archangel stock is very nice after freefloating.


Thanks for the replies gents. Anyone have any experience with the PWS Mk220s? Or suggestions for a comparable AR10? Everything around there looks to be about 1.8k.