Advice to new Long Ranges shooters.

I started my marksmanship training early on at the age of 9 years old. Hunting in the plains of North Texas and the backwoods of Central Oklahoma. At the age of 18 not even past my 3rd happy birthday text, I was in my local gun shop trying to buy a Rem 700.

One thing growing up in the south has taught me, you don’t need the latest fancy’s to be some body.
and; never be ashamed of what you got.

I meet a lot of people looking to get into the hobby of LRS, they’ll ask me what i think is a good starting “this”, or a good starting “that”. They’re supersized when I don’t recommend a $2000 & a $3000 scope. People nowadays are so caught up in trends they’ll DO and PAY anything to fit in.

I once met a guy at a range in Arizona, buddy had a Ruger Precision Rifle with a Khales scope. Easily $4000 dollar package. This encounter was in late 2017, buddy said he bought it earlier that year. Only shot it 3 times.
Laid his rifle flat on the table (He had a bipod) tried to shoot in a position that you would had to be there to fully understand. I have the same rifle, so I guess he catches on and finally flips his bipod legs down. Buddy shoots a couple shots and looks at me. “I think the barrel is shot out” he says. “NoOOO” I say. I ask to hop on the gun,

RED FLAG #1: In the scope mount, he had the scope pushed WAY forward. Past eye relief.

I should have just stopped, and got to work correcting this guys rifle, but I ask “Do you have her 0 @100?”

RED FLAG #2: He Says "Yea, just turn the knob to the “1’’ (Hes talkin about the scope turret) for 100 yards and 2 for 200 ect.”

I stopped buddy there. It was then I knew what I was dealing with. I spent 4 hours giving him the best crash course I could of basic setup and shooting. I even position and zeroed his scope. Something a Shooting Instructor would have charged a couple hundred bucks maybe more. It was like teaching cavemen to make fire.

At the end I was so curious to how someone like him found his way to such an expensive setup.

RED FLAG #3: “I saw it a video on youtube and really wanted it”

SMH. Buddy had money and was some sort of VP at a company, even told me he doesnt even have time to shoot.

New shooters…listen. Even if you have the money never be afraid to shop for on a budget. For $4000 you can get so much more than a rifle and a scope. Some excellent starter rifles that get the job done (Hunting/marksmanship):
Rem 700
Ruger American

Ideal Calibers:
.223-Good for coyotes.
.308: Great for Long range and basic hunting. (Deer,Hogs&Black Bear)
6.5 cm: Is a good long range too.

Starter Scopes :
Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9x40 .450 Bushmaster

Lessons On Shooting :

This Gentleman has a whole 100+ video course that give you EVERYTHING you could wanna know. FREE

Spend your time and money wisely. Invest in things like ammo, training and most importantly researching!


Thanks for this timely post. I was just about to try to figure out a good enough scope to put on my new AR build without breaking the bank.


That story was very amusing.
Yeah, they’re out there.
A friend once owned a gun shop.
Guy comes in with a jammed up bolt action rifle.
The owner of the shop just about had to beat it open.
The cartridge case is nearly welded to the chamber.
The guy sez he was shooting reloads he made himself.
The store owner asks the guy about the load, the bullet type, the powder, the usual.
The guy gets a blank look about him and replies, "You know - gunpowder.
He had no idea about the differences in gun powder, just bought the one that caught his eye and loaded it to the brim of the case.
Yup, they’re definitely out there.


No problem, for an AR look at the Primary Arms ACSS line. Ive heard good things.


Yep - unfortunately in the next lane too often.


Yes, sometimes you have to watch your back.
Had a guy in the next lane cleaning his hunting rifle, with bolt and magazine out of the rifle.
We were the only ones at that part of range that day.
Asked him if it was ok for me to go down range and put up a target.
He sez sure.
I get about half way downrange and a bullet goes whizzing by.
He forgot about me, put the rifle back together and shoots.

Another time I’m already down range after the range is called cold.
Bullets start hitting the dirt behind the target stands a few targets away.
Some idjit decided it was safe to shoot while folks were still downrange.
They’re out there.


Makes you want to take a buddy to watch your back at the range.


Main reason I don’t even drive past the range on Saturdays and Sundays.
Monday to Friday here. Retired and loving it.


Good info…lot more to looking through glass and pulling the trigger.