Aero Into New Territory

Aero is making moves and branching out. In general to me they look like pretty good moves. I might have done it a little different, but I don’t know all that they know either.

First off, they are going into the Suppressor Business. Not my experience area so I won’t shoot my mouth off too much, but why? Like I said maybe they know something I don’t. The suppressor industry seems pretty well taken care of by quality players that made their bones, and earned their market share building quality and innovative firearm mufflers to a limited customer pool. Maybe they they are betting on a Red Wave and think Republicans will collectively grow a pair. Possibly they’re betting on a ‘Hearing Protection Bill’?

Moving on to something I know something about…

Aero is going into the Switch Barrel Bolt Action game. Here they made a few good choices. 60 deg throw with 3 lug bolt, 700 footprint, integral recoil lug, swappable bolt faces and Savage small shank barrels. They did pretty good with chassis too.

They also shoud have gone with a integral 20 MOA Rail, Trigger Tech Trigger, Canting Butt Pad and it would nice if they have a folder option…