After all rate of fire enhancements are banned


Yep, this is what we have to look forward to if the anti-gunners get their way.


Nah, they start with the whole right hand…then…
In honor of this whole situation
I went out and​:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream: learned to bump fire without the stock!dont need the crutch
Take that libtards!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


And with all the so called 2nd Amendment supporters who support taking certain firearm parts as justified along with the NRA more is coming…


That’s why I had bumpfinger surgery.


Yes and when they ask where is my bump stock?and why havent i turned it in (in this state they become ill-eagle july1st and must be turned into state patrol by next july)
Answer-my dog ate it !!!:yum:


It melted when the gun got too hot.


They can take my trigger fingers, I will just get one of those crotch pistols from “Dusk Till Dawn”


I find that i get steadier rate of fire and much beeter accuricy when have my off hand over shroud and fire from the hip plus im correct handed so when i put it to shoulder all i can see is brass flying by my face😁


But it doesnt help with spelling



I truly hope no one ever comes to your home to take your legally acquired gun possessions because of some new law.


Too late July it becomes illegle, buy back by state patrol by next july !
Molon labe


Ya but they can eat huevos!also dont plan to be here!moving again!#4


When I hit the Powerball, my ass is relocating to new Zealand ! Just need a cargo plane to transport my arsenal.


Starting my own country in an undisclosed location(lemurland)
Gun ownership mandatory,ha!


No i like “be all that you can be,or be best? Or, are you ready to take the lead,but my all time fav,
Focus on everything!”???


I have three slide fire stocks and a binary trigger. I’m set.


Only one of the slide-fire stocks is installed. The other two are NIB. The binary will outperform any of the slide-fire stocks, if performance is about putting more rounds on the target faster. Slide-fire stock have their uses as bullet sprayers, but all the movement eliminates them as able to put bullets on the paper.


I’ll bet they come after the binary trigger next because technically speaking, one trigger pull, (followed by one trigger release), puts two rounds down range…really quick!


Wow, Robert, you like to push the limits of polite conversation in a humorous way, huh?


So, a bot here would be what, a computer? I guess I don’t understand just what a bot is for computer terms.

And, police medic beating someone into health? Wow, that’s not going to happen.