After Hours Live - YouTube Shadow Ban Isn't Real

If you can’t catch this LIVE tonight at 11pm EST… I will once again be uploading the replay to FULL30. Hopefully this is a good conversation about something that annoys me to no end when talking with both new and long time creators of all niches.


I missed it last night, but I have started it this morning driving to work and unfortunately watching the city burn.




yeah, UGH, mentality of people is a bit crazy


Predictable actually.
This community in question has been rioting in the streets since the dawn of our nation. I would say that they have had varied levels of justification but, for some reason we act surprised when they do it.
Here is a quick reference for the uneducated. Forgive the annotations for east of use I pulled the information off of Wikipedia.

Nativist Period: 1700s–1860

  • 1824: Providence, Rhode Island Hard Scrabble Riots
  • 1829: Cincinnati riots of 1829 – Rioting against African Americans results in over a thousand leaving for Canada.
  • 1829: Charlestown[ which? ] Anti-Catholic Riots
  • 1831: Providence, Rhode Island
  • 1834: Massachusetts Convent Burning
  • 1834: Philadelphia pro-slavery riots[14]
  • 1834: New York City pro-slavery riots
  • 1835: Boston pro-slavery riots
  • 1835: Five Points Riot
  • 1835: Snow Riot, Washington, D.C.[15][16]
  • 1836: Cincinnati riots of 1836 – Several anti-abolitionist riots
  • 1841: Cincinnati, Ohio White Irish-descendant and Irish immigrant dock workers rioted against Black dock workers. When the Black dock workers banded together to defend their community from the approaching Whites, the White rioters retreated, commandeered a 6-pound cannon, and shot it through the streets of Cincinnati.
  • 1844: Philadelphia Nativist Riots (May 6–8, July 5–8)
  • 1851: Hoboken Anti-German Riot
  • 1855: Louisville Anti-German Riots

Civil War Period: 1861–1865

Main article: Mass racial violence in the United States § Civil War period 1861–1865

Reconstruction Period: 1865–1877

Main article: Mass racial violence in the United States § Post–Civil War and Reconstruction period: 1865–1877

Jim Crow Period: 1878–1914

See also: List of riots and civil unrest in Omaha, Nebraska

War and inter-war period: 1914–1945

Postwar era: 1946–1954

Civil Rights and Black Power Movement’s Period: 1955–1977

1978 to today


Black community?

This is much bigger than race, this man was slowly murdered with a jack boot on his neck

Can we not all see our nation is under a knee, suffocating, with some people saying you’re killing it, take its pulse?

No intent to trivialize, the intent is to raise up awareness, that is us, we are being suffocated

Ctac I didn’t watch this video, but a shadowban, its suffocating, face masks, 6 foot “safe zones” all suffocating, these riots

They are the message from America people

You’re killing me.

George Floyd may God rest your soul :latin_cross:


Anti-law enforcement community. I have watched the films of the riots and there is nothing homogeneous about the rioters other than blaming the actions of a few on the totality of law enforcement. I’m ALL for police accountability, and shit needs to change but, stop destroying your local businesses and stealing shit because you are enraged. That behavior has been predictable and is in no way beneficial.
If you REALLY want to help your fellow man, step in when he is being killed by police and take action to stop it.
If you REALLY want to help your fellow man, vote out the monsters.


Surely you don’t favor them thugs trashing and stealing everything in sight. how is that a protest. that ended when the first window was broke. Them sorry POS are just there to create havoc and steal shit. they could care less about that dude that died. if they did they would be crying about all the ones that are killed by other blacks every day.

My personal opinion is the national guard should be brought in and tell them to go home or get shot. if they didn’t get the message and leave then shoot the bastards. someone has to get a handle on the situation, it’s apparent the democrat leaders in those states are not. remember these are the same creeps that want to take your guns.

I can’t watch that crap on the news, pisses me off to no end. the son of a bitches wanna act like animals they should be treated like animals. excuse my language too. When you take the authority away from the police then all hell will break loose, not saying that guy didn’t kill that dude. I don’t know but what they are doin has NOTHING to do with a protest.

I imagine most would change their mind about it too if you had a business they destroyed and stole everything in there. Forget all the sorry good for nothing trash, black and white. kill em all, let god sort em out.


I touched a cord apparently on this one, LOL… this replay has like 78 views already. I knew when I decided to cover this topic that some people were going to not get the point… which of course proves my point. :slightly_smiling_face:


Surely not, its volatile for certain, I have compassion for the victim, concern for the officer who was fulfilling his training as I understand it, can’t even fathom doing that job to start with let alone know how to calm people who seem to want to set the world on fire, at this point your recommendation is possibly the best one, IDK

Not sure what you mean or to whom you refer, I simply tried to respectfully/truthfully tie your videos title to the conversation, I rarely manage any videos over 10 minutes and would guess I’m in the majority, I’d recommend a paragraph or two on the content to draw people in rather than click bait titles, can you sum up the videos title with how this thread makes your point of people not getting the point?


wasn’t a reference to anyone on THIS thread man just in general but context matters and you are right, most are not in it long enough to get the context… or maybe not educated enough in the creator space to get it either.


guess what i am saying is, that particular content and much i do is a very narrow market, comes with the territory unfortunately, no biggie though because i love doing it