Air Rifles

Didn’t see an air gun thread here. What do you have?? I’ve got a high end German springer in an RWS DIANA model 48. Well made, accurate rifle. I’ve had it for about 15 years. Still works excellent & I’ve shot it a good bit off & on, especially recently due to the Wuhun Flu crap going on the past month which closed some of our ranges… The 35lb-40lb single cocking lever get to be annoying after 100+ continuous shots though since my arm injury. I was doing some looking & research on the PCP style air guns (pre charged pneumatic) . I was curious of what anyone here had & any input on the PCP guns.
Thanks, Russ


with the advent of small pocket compressors that are 12/120 volt PCP air rifles sudden become not such a bad toy.
but you will discover that a “decent” pcp air rifle isn’t cheap


I noticed $1-$2k average price


I have this.

It’s ok, but not great. It needs heavy pellets for consistent accuracy.


That one packs a wallop! Nice mag feature too.


worse part is …
“real” rifles are cheaper


Feinwerkbau 300S with the vernier sight. I bought it in the '70s and due to the way it’s built it’s good for another 50 years of heavy use. I learned to actually shoot properly with it. It’s not powerful (600fps) but that’s not what it’s about. It’s among the most accurate ever made for 10 meter shooting; sidelever, recoilless, permanently dry lubed, steel piston rings, .09" group spread @ 10 meters just one ragged hole. It’s also probably the gun that spoiled me for anything other than excellent triggers.

It’s for sale BTW.


I had a Sheridan Silver Streak in the early/mid 1980’s. It was a bolt action pump gun in .22 cal, I think. That gun was very powerful and extremely accurate.


I had a Sheridan also. I only know of the silver and blued versions. Mine was blued. If yours used Sheridan pellets it was a .20. At some point I think it was Benjamin who bought them and I don’t know if any were made in .22. Could be. For the time they were pretty powerful.


It was a great little gun. It must have been a .20 caliber. It required special pellets and they were larger than .177.


In the past an RWS 45 I regret selling to a coworker. Also a Beeman S-1 that was terrific . . . until it blew a seal and just the bench charge was $175 to get it looked at. Nah. So I bought a Benjamin Prowler that is similar power but has a horrible 2-stage & heavy trigger and kicks more than my .260 Rem. Though for practice if I can hit with this I can shoot ANY centerfire better. Blew the the reticle out of the stock scope and I put a Mantis 3-9X40 AO scope on it which is a good optic for an air rifle. The accuracy is there when I beat that beast.

For S&G last year I bought one of the “Adult” Daisy Red Ryders. What a hoot! Haven’t shot my eye out yet and its is a BLAST to take along with my dog for a pre-work woods walk. I put a fiber-optic front sight/nosecap from a Daisy 105 Buck on it. I can roll pinecones at 30 yards. I’m amazed how well this shoots for just a smoothbore spring. I chronoed mine at 302 fps (avg of 10 shots from 10 ft) which is snoozy. High of 307 and low of 300. If I threw out the 307 it was 9 from 304 to 300! Damn’d consistent! Impressed as well with my ProChrono DLX with that, actually.

I also have a 50 year old Benjamin-Sheridan M-9 pump pistol that must have 10,000 pellets through it. Great for pistol form practice and to defend the bird feeders.