Airguns help save the airgun community!


The air gun community needs a new home.I hope FULL30 can be a safe place for air gunners to call home? youtube has wiped out the hole community… help save the airgun community!


Why did YouTube delete the air guns channels?


I concur! I hope that opens their community to anyone who wishes to upload their content. Now it is IMPERATIVE that we become a SANCTUARY for certain communities!


So far they only let the cool kids with a billion YT subscribers post content so don’t get your hopes up


Full30 will be opening it’s doors to all creators soon, and you can reserve your channel here


Could be the word ,gun in air gun?whattaya think?


Airguns should fit right in this here place.
Lots of shooters use airguns for practice.
I’ve been using them for decades with excellent results.
No need to even go to the range on those nasty weather days.
Even the brianenos forum has an airgun section.


Because to those globalist commie’s “a Gun is a Gun” and before long you’ll be playing video games where you competitively run around and beat each other with flowers… Until they say it’s “too violent.” Seriously “competition” to these people is a “bad word.”



My old man just got a .22cal Air Rifle
It’s a break apart, you load a projectile, add a drop of diesel and bye bye Mr. Squirrel.
(He’s at war with them, they keep tearing the siding off of his garage to get inside. #Doomed​:skull_and_crossbones:️Trespassers :chipmunk:️:gun:)


I love air rifles! I’ve spent many of evenings in my dark, opened garage with my rws Diana. 22 cal pellet rifle, night vision, & a large mason jar filled with bird dog blackberry whiskey picking of coons as they come for my garbage cans.


Thanks for the laugh.
Complete with spelling & grammar errors.


just because the US government does not deem air rifles/guns to be “firearms” pretty well every where else in the world does. Something that “fires” a projectile through a containment vessel is firearm regardless the accelerant energy used (and remember now that could be electromagnetic you luddites).


Do CO2 BB and or pellet guns count as “air guns”? Because I used to collect BB and pellet guns a long time ago.


@Mister_Torgue they sure do!


Well then! I’ll post up some of our favorite can plinkers. :smile:


Here’s most of them. I have a couple of pretty old Crossmans too but they are packed up. Have a really old Daisy lever action and a modern Red Ryder I bought the wife for some backyard fun.


@Mister_Torgue awesome great collection!


Thanks. The Colt 1911 replica is still new and unfired. The Dan Wesson is a great shooter as are the SAAs.



I really like that Texan one IV8888 had in one of his videos. But I don’t hunt so it would just be for plinking.


I have one of those Colt licensed 1911 in airsoft.
It works and operated just like the real thing and recoils about the same as a .22 rimfire.
It’s also the most accurate airsoft I have.
Not quite as good a a pellet pistol, but quite good nontheless.
The Colt licensed single action revolver, is worth a look, too.
The one that shoots bbs out of genuine and authentic looking cartridges.
It’s so cool.