Airsoft related videos - Okay at Full30?


Aloha Sir’s and Ma’am’s :slight_smile: I’m at Full30 due to the chatter on YouTube banning certain types of firearm videos. I’ve seen what YouTube is doing and it is what it is, but I dislike the level of control a company like YouTube can have, especially when it effects a person’s desire to capalize (or not) within the “Gun Culture”. Thanks to “mixflip” on YouTube for directing me here.

So, here’s my questions: Are Airsoft related video welcomed here? I’m most interested in creating reviews and reveal videos for some products I’d like to share to people looking for more information besides a picture.

Q #2: What is the prime directive of Full30? Is it solel for firearm related content, or does it support everything?


I can’t speak for anyone besides myself (let alone the site owners), but I would support airsoft content here. In fact, playing close quarters taught me the value of weapon-mounted lasers and short barrels.

Allot of gun folks think airsoft is cheesy and immature… they’ve never been lit up from ten feet with a gas gun running on a friggen’ backpack tank. I still have the scars.

For the second one, my understanding is it’s pretty much just guns and gear and such, and whatever else interests the 2A community. I don’t see any problems with airsoft fitting in, it would be a boost for site traffic anyways.


Relatively speak, Airsoft can be extremely immature because of the mentality that has become common. That mentality that it’s a sport, and a great way for Paintballers to experience some relative realism.

Personally, I come from an old school gun/militaria aficionado state of mind. Where Airsoft was just a way to get my hands on historical designs and to get into the different styles of multiple countries (e.g. Russian, German, French Foreign Legion, etc.) and have fun shooting friends at the same time.

The real fun is in geeking out. Like how we geek-out on Firearms.