AK fans: SG Ammo has (supposedly) 8M3 Ammo


Supposedly, SG Ammo struck a deal with the Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works to supply a batch of 7.62x39 8M3 124-grain hollow point. SG has the exclusive rights to this stuff for 2017.


Ballistics gel tests of this new stuff shows it lives up to the hype, just like the old 8M3. Runs great in all my SKS and AKs too.

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I picked up a few 1000rds of these when I first seen SGammo had them. They are accurate and reliable out of my Arsenal SAM7-UF so far. I wish I had a chronograph so I could see find out the FPS. I have heard from other sources that they are hotter then most of your other 7.62x39mm on the market.