AK , Galil or other AK variant?


Which one do you prefer , why?

  • AK
  • Galil
  • Other AK variant -specify

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Huge difference in an AK over a Galil ACE
Barrels are threaded into the milled receiver on an ACE gas block is stronger and can take more heat, barrels are larger and have less whip. Bolt carrier is stronger, gas system is shorter. Charge handle is on the left instead of the right and metallurgy is far superior. The entire rifle is sealed better for more reliability and you do not need extra parts to mount any optics.

FAL vs AK vs AR vs other ( vs. thread 2.0 )

Are barrel swaps easier?


The IWI Galil ACE is really the only “AK” I like… while I have an Arsenal… (have to have an under folder in the collection) for function and ergonomics IWI fixed the issues. I did a customized SBR for myself.

AR or AK

The galil is a nice rifle
A bit in the over priced side and a tad heavy but it’s overall a great rifle


It is not that much heavier than a good quality AK… but… vastly superior in quality and design. Though suppressing them is a pain unless you go with the KNS adjustable piston.


How so? Ive heard this a few times but nver seen much details outside of accuracy, fit and finish.


Biggest difference is that the barrel is threaded into the receiver. Barrel is much more robust, helping deal with barrel whip.
The ambi safety is super nice, easy to use. Left hand charge handle is a no brainer, and with the dust cover, makes for a much better sealed unit over all.
The XL magazine paddle release is super easy to use. The redesign of the front end, how it comes apart, locks together… super nice, simple and it works. It uses standard threads up front, so making all the standard muzzle devices work is a no brainer. Mine will run any mag, but I have had a few issues with some of the G3 Magpul units. It’s the mag, not the rifle though. Same issue with the Arsenal.
The IWI has a billet receiver, while adding weight, it also adds rigidity. A must I feel for the original AK design is whippy.
Sights are well made, too cover fights very tight so the use of lighter weapon sights is not an issue. We have played with the 7.62x39 obviously and a few 308 units. They all are finished well and shoot well too.


But, does the Galil have this?


I dont think so but to be fair it can hit a barn at 40 yards.


Well, ok. Good enough! :smile:


Any truth to this statement? I was lurking in another forum and seen this.

"Reason NOT to buy a Galil - They BLOW UP.

I was right next to my buddy when his Galil .308 ARM went off. The firing pin has NO spring inside the bolt. This means when you get one granule of sand or enough powder residue to wedge that pin in the forward position you WILL get a slam fire and a KABOOM.


When I talk about the Galil… and how the weapon is a better platform than the AK… I stick with what the weapon was originally designed for. The 7 62x39 or the 556 NATO
Cleaning is obviously greatly important on any weapon. But as soon as you start trying to cram bigger cartridges into a platform designed for smaller ones, issues arise.
I will buy a Galil in the smaller cartridges but I have yet to pick one up in a 308 Win. Though I have had range time with one.


Makes sense. I like the looks of the original Galils more. The ACE buttstock and handgaurd are fugly, imo.


@RogueGunnWorks , have you guys got to play around with the Imbel IA2 yet? Those look pretty cool but I have not heard anything about civie legal versions being imported.


Old school though


Not yet, but I have my eye on them. Supposed to be good by all accounts. I am very interested in the 308 version. But I am a fan of the FAL… hahhaha


Mjrfd99 hit the nail on the head. Galil SAR!
Also Valmet M76, and Arsenal SAM 7.


Issue with the Valmet… magazines.

Weapon themselves are great. Very robust and built with refinement that you usually do not see on “AK” type weapons.


I’m going to throw out a wild card!
Sig 556!

Half AR, half AK!