AK maintenance


So is this info accurate? Ive never really looked into it before but I was curious.


Keeping spares and keeping your rifle going long term

He hits the major points yes

Did you have a specific ? About it ?


I just never did alot of that stuff to my AK , when I had one. I never took the gas tube off and cleaned it or lubed anything outside of a drop of oil on the BCG, I didnt even know you were supposed to rinse them off with water lol.


When they say you are supposed to to rinse the AK off, is that just with 5.45 or also 7.62x39?


Only rinse with water when using corrosive ammo
Generally that’s only with 5.45 but there is corrosive 7.62 milsurp out there
Yugo and Chinese ammo


What are the big things to look for with AKs, in terms of maintenance?


Basically you want to look at the front trunnion locking lugs and make sure your rear trunnion isn’t getting beat up to bad check your barrel crown
Make sure that your hammer isn’t deformed
Basic maintence goes a long way with a ak


What round counts have you seen out of wear items? How about mags?


I have been lurking over on the AKfiles again,
This blew my mind, I have never heard of an AK shearing a bolt lug. Pretty crazy.


He mentions some of those in this video on the PSA @ 5000 round count.


I’ve never seen a lug sheer off
It’s possible I would guess with bad metelurgy
I’ve seen really badly deformed lugs on ras47 and io rifles


The guy in that post said it was a maadi. Are Egyptian AKs lower on the totem pole or something?


It’s probably a Maddi kit built in a us receiver
Some people prize them I’m indifferent to them
Like I said earlier it most likely bad heat treating thays the culprit
Or a Badly cast part


I have some Russian ancestry, so I like vodka…for rinsing the gun I mean. :wink:


Uhm . . . . you need to maintain them? That’s news to a few million folks in Afghanistan, Belarus, Hungary, Iran, Pakistan, Qatar, South Africa, Syria, Somalia, etc.

Tie a knot in a shoestring and pull it through the barrel every 5,000 rounds, religiously. As in while praying to some god(s) or another.


If you’ve got a chrome lined (or nitride treated), hammer forged barrel, then you’ll wear out before it does. You’ll eventually lose some accuracy, but it ain’t for driving tacks. Mags will wear out about the time the sun becomes a red giant and burns off earth’s atmosphere, at which point you’ll have other things to worry about.

Frankly, I’d buy a WASR for $700 or so and enjoy the hell out of it. (This from a guy who just bought a $2,000 fancy-shmancy RPK that uses $150 Russian drum mags.)