AK maintenance


What about for a brand new unfired straight from the factory AK?



Been years since I had a factory new AK, but the last few AR’s I done what I posted. I would probably do the same with the AK. might not hurt to take it down and remove and packing grease. the last few AR’s didn’t have any packing. they were lightly lubed from the factory. I just replaced it with Mobil 1.



Take it apart and clean it then oil it or use grease
White lithium is what use most of the time
I have Buddys that swear by mobile 1
Any gun oil will work honestly
Make sure you check the gas tube and gas block for any obstructions as well as the barrel
Put it back together and shoot the shit out it



Thanks guys.



A couple of other things I would look at would be
Do you have a shepherds crook or a retaining plaste holding your pins in
Is your fcg group main spring braided or single strand ?
Check the rear trunion to see if it’s been beaten up at all
And ditch the stock pistol grip they suck
You will probably go magpul but there are way better ones out there
The molot grip is fantastic
And a lot of folks like the tango down battle grip
Houge makes a great ak grip as well



Better? I think thats a preference thing, isnt it?

I run magpul grips on my AR15s and they are my favorite. Ive ran ergo grips, tango down, BCM, etc and I always fallback to Magpuls. Their soft and the angle fits my hand. Not to mention they are very durable.

Then again I hear some of magpuls AK stuff is not up to par with their AR offerings. I think we talked about this awhile back, didnt you say the stocks are breaking at the hinge?



I’d love to know if the VEPR furniture would fit?



Yes there zuckov sticks break at the hinge

And honestly anything is better than the stick grip

@Mister_Torgue vepr furniture shield fit or be very close
A lil sanding here any there and it will work



Remember that VEPRs were made in both straight cut and slant cut receivers.



This stock has held up well, but I haven’t head butted anyone with it yet.lol but it does make the feel of it a lot better. I hated that maadi stock.

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