AK Pattern Rifles...the good, the bad, and the really, really bad.


You want it to be an AR?


Same here. I want a 5.56 AK that uses AR mags, which is blasphemous to some purists. The Alpha AKs from CAA/Kalashnikov USA are the ones im really looking foreward to. Thst is IF those guys ever get their act together.


Wrong thread lol


Actually… you are 100% correct! Hahhahaha


Then pick up a Galil ACE… damn fine rifle and it is an AK but takes AR mags. Love them


Lol. I have three AR’s chambered in 7.62x39.

If PWS made a lower that accepted AK mags, that would take the cake.

Or if the Faxon ARAK-21 worked with a PSA KS-47 lower!! Even better!!


Thanks @Comanchero45 for starting a good topic line. Besides the well deserved verbal sniping, I actually learned about the product quality from experienced armorers. My experience with the AK platform was the at the target point-of-view. They performed really well, not sure where they got them.


Thanks Merlin7…I appreciate that. I really hope I never have to be at the target viewpoint of any AK47. I don’t ever want to learn about terminal ballistics in that fashion.
Truth is though, without everyone chipping in with their opinions, experiences and comic relief…it doesn’t go very far. A great bunch of people on this forum makes for a great topic…hopefully we will continue to get more info to update that list with. I’ll be happy to continue adding to it for as long as I can…or until nobody cares anymore :wink:


You are correct and the amount of expertise shown already makes it very interesting to learn from this forum. I believe there are so many different types of firearms, it is foolhardy to ignore any point of view on the basic similarities among them. I was impressed with the exchanges among our brothers at arms and look forward to learning more. Thanks to all


Superior engineering! FightLite SCR + Faxon Firearms ARAK-21 =

Now just imagine this with a Magpul SGA stock…

And chambered in 7.62x39…

And redesigned to accept AKM mags!!!




Have a customer who is interested in a Pioneer Arms…
I really cannot find anything about them. They good?
Model is JRA makes them?


Oh! Found it!!! Hhahahhaa its crap


I love this list already… hahhahaha thanks guys!


so you are just going to leave us in suspense?




What makes an AK “good” or “bad”? Why is there no US manufacturer making quality parts? Why does the AK market rely on imported parts?


Generally speaking, most of the import stuff is good to go…like the WASRs that were basically made as a complete rifle in a former com bloc country and then imported minus various parts or as a low-cap rifle. They were then opened up by the importer or dealer and parts were changed to make it 922r compliant. The rifle is essentially as close as you can get to the real thing minus the obvious aforementioned parts.

Now, most US manufacturers have tried to knock out cheap profitable AKs by cutting corners or making “improvements” or they lack knowledge or just don’t give a crap and you end up with cast instead of forged critical parts, barrels that are not specced properly, rivets that are not crushed correctly, receivers made out of bad steel or not heat treated properly, gas ports incorrectly sized, and total garbage wood furniture and you end up with most of what has hit the US market lately.

Truth be told, to build an AK properly requires better parts and QC (read more money) than most US manufacturers are willing to put into a weapon that is perceived as being limited to a 500-600 dollar price range. I honestly believe that if a manufacturer stepped up and really did their due diligence and produced a high quality product, it would sell at a higher price point.

The US manufactured AKs are getting such a bad rep in general that most purchasers are really getting gun shy (pun intended) and are becoming unwilling to consider almost anything US made…hence the $850 WASRs in my local market…and C39s etc that you can’t get rid of on a bet.


I found the one the customer was asking about and it was crap. Hahahha


So it’s about getting a certain amount of quality for a small price tag? Why would an American company even try to compete with that?? I’ve debated making an American AK, but it’d have to be priced nearly $2k to be considered worthwhile.

None of us bat an eye for a $X,000 AR build.

The only AK I think I’d ever buy, is a Rifle Dynamics, Jim Fuller custom. I don’t understand the attachment to CommBlock rifles. I would want the best available parts and materials.