Alabama born and raised, glad to be amongst like minded!


I come from a long line of firearm enthusiasts. There are very few memories of my 38 years on earth that don’t somehow include firearms. Shootin’ huntin’ and jeeps of course helped me stay sain!


Welcome aboard! Glad to have u


Welcome, check out our garage :sunglasses:




Welcome to the forum Brother! Make yourself at home here.




Welcome @Bamajeepjunkie
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome aboard! Glad to have you here!


Welcome! We are out of Birmingham, AL!


Welcome to Full30 forum @Bamajeepjunkie Good to have you here. Not much better that Jeep. OIIIIIO

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Same here. Welcome brother!




Welcome to the forum


welcome to full30 my alabama brother! I was startng to feel alone here lol.



Welcome to the Full30 Forum. This is a fun place to be.