All ak picture thread!


Post them if you got them. You will need to post the model number so people know what they are looking at. Posting markings is a bonus!
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Romanian Model 63 Selector Markings

North Korean Type 68 Selector Markings

Egyptian Maadi Selector Markings

Romanian WASR 10/63 Selector Markings

Hungarian AKM63

Russian Type 3 AK47

East German MPIKM AKM (Advanced Weapons Systems)

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I can’t like this more! Nice collection. Makes me envious. Thanks for showing the selector markings on the type 68! I had been wondering what those looked like.


The one, the only… Polish AKMU.


I love AK’s.


Lol So which communist army are you building AKs for?


Lol. Not all of them in that pic are mine. I had some buddies come over for a cookout and we got a bunch of aks out for a photo op. See if you can spot my sons airsoft gun.


Is it the black one on the ground ,closest to the camara?




Nope. That’s my buddies Hungarian.


Yup. I turned it just enough where you can see the guts, but you would be sure.


Youre like the AK version of @Tactical_Reviews


Ya, I’m not much of an AK guy. I do love my ARs though. Don’t get me wrong, the AK is a great weapon.


Sadly, only have one at the moment. Yugo Npap with a vortex strikefire II and magpul side folder. Nothing spectacular, but its a cheap plinker and on occasion the trunk gun. Picked it up a while back used at the local shop. Couldn’t resist the impulse purchase. The original stock was terribly uncomfortable to shoot though. It was as if it was designed to direct every ounce of recoil directly to your face lol


To the left of the one in the square, gold barrel


That one is real


Is the air soft the dragunov in the center of the pile?


BS, no dart tossin, you have to pick the duck up and read the number out loud



Nope. It’s real.


Damn then my only other guess is the gold one.


We need one by one individual pictures of every item in that pile, er, stack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: