All Out Attack on Gun Owners

It has begun.
The Press and Democrats are launching the all out attack on our rights.
Write your Senators and Representatives TODAY and take a stand.
Sit on your hands and lose your rights!!!

I sent this:

With the recent shootings by individuals there has been an all out effort to pass poorly written gun control legislation. HB-8 has many issues that need to be addressed and cannot be passed as it stands. To name but a few provisions place the transferor in a precarious position of proving they had no reason to believe that the receiver had ill intent. This allows the AG to write regulations that can be open to interpretation too broadly. An anti-gun AG could really restrict gun rights with this if so inclined. States like California can pass a more restrictive law restricting the states citizens such as stating no firearms in the state regardless of the background check? This is no more than poor legislation that restricts law abiding citizens and presses anti firearm agenda. The Press as well as the Democratic party is using the tragedies to further their own disarming of America and destroying the Constitutions only means of protecting the people from an oppressive government. We must fight and oppose such legislation and and not allow the emotions and fear decide the path of this nation. This is America and we must stand alone if we must and show the world what freedom truly is. Oppose gun legislation that will have and would not had any effect on the outcome of tragic events that have occurred.


They will clobber us and Pres. Trump till the 2020 election with the latest murders.
We’re in a country that’s 1/2 + brainwashed idiots.
We’re going to be blamed and attacked like you have never seen.

Prepare wisely. I already started some changes yesterday.


We need to get all of the most famous and those who have the largest following on social media that are in our camp to flood the internet with FACTS and offer real solutions to the politicians. Gotta show the American sheeple what’s really going on with the only medium they really give a shit about–social media–since everyone is a narcissist today.

This sort of screws those of us who do not have much if any disposable income. I’ll only have bonus money if I get it.


I have to say my letters to my representatives are becoming a little aggressive. Pretty soon, I’ll have to stop writing as they may perceive them as threats. :sweat_smile:



Yep, you’ll be on the group W bench,

I used to do all that, would remove please and replace with demand

Funny thing, no one wants to play with you when you take the role of employer


Well, if I ignored or crapped on my employers, I wouldn’t be allowed to continue it for four years before they got rid of me.