Alphalimafoxtrot's introduction post- -Virginia gun guy


OK, let’s just get a few facts out before the FUll30 robotic responses overwhelm my ADHD-addled brain even further!

  1. my dogs are NOT going to let me type anything, after I spent so long reading through all the secret handshakes to make it this far. Feels like I’m on a version of Fortnite - like my 3rd grade students!
  2. hint: I just gave a clue in the number one point about my real life job
  3. Virginia native, right between 50 and 60 years of adult age, with a big interest in learning about guns, shooting guns, fixing guns, and periodically getting stuck on one particular era of guns.
  4. right now, I’m just recently into learning how to reload on Classic Lee Hand Loaders for .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .300 Savage, .32 Remington, and .30 Remington.
  5. if you can guess which of those are obsolete, orphaned rounds you unlock new levels of power!
    JK. Just messin’ with the Full30 bots who keep providing me with an unbelievably large amount of things to think about as I type! I’m glad I teach 3rd grade - I’m used to being talked at all the time!

More to come - thanks for listening.

I repeat: My Christian name is Adam, but my “handle” is alphalimafoxtrot.
I live in a congested metro region in Virginia.
I am working on reloading .38’s and .357’s right now. My '74 Ruger SS and Rossi 92 like them. SO does my new Taurus 85 lite snubbie.

Just went back to school for a new term last week - nice group of kids!

Take care, and please help me deflect these incessant bots!!!:slight_smile:


Welcome @alphalimafoxtrot
Great to have you here!


Youre going to fit it great here!


Thanks bro - unless you are female. JK! JK!

This is pretty funky, compared to about 99% of the gun forums I am familiar with. For a 55-year-old guy, it is like a video game with interactive droids…LOL

be well


This is fun, but not so much when your larger dog keeps swiping at my keyboard. The little dog (I won’t reveal their names to thwart the bots) is an insane terrier hybrid and she’s just licking my bald head to get my attention.


The bot will leave you alone eventually.



sounds like you met discobot?


I’d have guessed Alf with Alph Lima Foxtrot


Welcome Adam @alphalimafoxtrot !

Glad to have you be apart of the Full30 family.

Don’t be shy and share plenty!

We’re very easy to get along with and you’ll see that quickly.

Have a good one :+1:


I will jump to that post once I get a chance - thanks 58marine!


yes, Robert I have indeed come face to face with el discobota. I just made that word up. Third grade teachers are allowed to do that. It’s much like diplomatic immunity.

Adam Lee aka alphalimafoxtrot


not ALF, but almost. let’s just say Adam Lee, and leave it there!


Welcome!! Good to see more people from VA on here


ALF is my spirit animal. This has been on my desk for 28 years.


Welcome @alphalimafoxtrot, there’s not bots here, we’re not robosexual.


Welcome to Full30 !!!..:sunglasses:




You can buy new brass and loaded 30 Remington andv32 rem at Graf and sons .