Alt-Right: Age of Rage and real media bias

Let me start by saying, “I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a bit.” Catching up on work after doing Dark Corner Gunwork’s first gun show and working on projects and coming up with internet content and trying to get into doing a podcast and the menagerie of other crazy things that go along with running a gun business in 2019 has kept me pretty buried this week. Plus, I don’t really like the idea of scheduling columns or blogs or whatever they’re called these days. I do much better writing when I have something to say as apposed to just spewing content and hoping some of it sticks.

That said, let’s talk about the new Netflix documentary, “Alt-Right: Age of Rage.”

I received a text message from a friend last night absolutely losing his mind about this. However, I know the penchant for people these days to read a headline or title and assume the content of an article or post or show. That’s the world we live in. Everybody wants to seem informed without ever actually absorbing any information. This is a dangerous way to live and has allowed the media to completely manipulate the populace. Nobody cares about facts; just feelings.

Knowing this, I decided to spend 105 minutes of my time actually watching the show. By the 30 minute mark, I pretty well had it figured out. But, I had to be sure. So, I watched it all.

This documentary focuses on Daryle Jenkins, the large fellow who is the the acting head of ANTIFA, as I understand it, and a person of color (this means he’s black), and Richard Spencer, an out-spoken white supremacist and leader of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank or some such something (Read: “Neo-Nazi”), on the weeks leading up to the Charlottesville, VA riots in August of 2017. It is punctuated by Gavin McInnes and some small gentleman from the Southern Poverty Law Center who’s name escapes me, at the moment, basically trying to translate and vilify the amount of crazy packed into this hour and forty-five minutes. That’s right, folks. Gavin McInnes and the Southern Poverty Law Center are the “voices of reason,” here. If that doesn’t illustrate the bag of cats that is the content of this publication, I don’t know what will.

So, basically, we’re talking about 33% of the show is ANTIFA saying fascists (read: “Anyone who doesn’t believe every word we say as dyed-in-the-wool gospel”) are bad and need to be killed (with the implication being they mean Spencer and his ilk…but, that’s not what they’re saying. They’re talking white genocide). And 33% of the show with super clean-cut white nationalists saying they need a safe haven for white Europeans and that other races should be bred out of existence (with the implication that they’re talking about ANTIFA and Mr. Jenkins…but, they are not. They’re talking master race kinda :poop:). And the final 33% is gratuitous violence in the streets and McInnes and the SPLC trying desperately to misalign themselves with these organizations (McInnes berates neo-nazis, for the obvious reasons, while supporting ANTIFA’s free speech rights; the SPLC calls ANTIFA a terrorist organization; while supporting white supremacist’s free speech rights. You getting the idea here?)

That’s the gist of the show. Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“But, Dark Corner Gunworks, there’s no such thing as unbiased. They MUST have framed it in a way to make one group look worse than the other. I mean, read the title.”

Let me, first, handle the lack of unbiased media sources. They do exist, you spry little scamp. You’re reading one. :wink: And, as for the other assumption, outside of the title, they did nothing to uplift or demonize either side. They, literally, sat back, and let each group vomit forth their own brand of :bat::poop: and, in my opinion, embarrass themselves equally. The title would lead one to believe the “alt-right,” a term coined by Spencer, himself, is the antagonist. But, it really wasn’t phrased that way. At no point, do the filmmakers personal opinions, be that what they may, come through into the finished product. I, honestly, would not be shocked if there were a copy of the exact same movie submitted to Netflix with the title, “ANTIFA: Age of Rage.”

Now, is there media bias? Of course there is. It’s blatantly obvious that one of these lunatic fringes gets 99.999999% of the media coverage. And, if something happens that isn’t related to either of these groups, every media outlet finds a way to associate it with one of them.

“Local baker, Tammy Jean Finley, won the 75th annual pie baking contest… because white privilege and social injustice.

"Local man, DeShaun Wright, rescues children from a burning building…Why did they make a black man run into a fire? Is it because he’s black?"

We see it everyday. And we all know that Tammy Jean could be black and DeShaun could be white (despite my clearly stereotypical names…because interesting reading) and the headlines would be the same. Because no one, including modern “reporters,” care about facts. If the truth came out, they’d call it “cultural appropriation” and Ms. Finley’s blue ribbon and Mr. Wright’s heroism would be discounted for something that gets better ratings.

If my hypothetical illustration wasn’t clear, allow me to drop some realism on you. We say “the left,” “leftists,” and “left-wing” all the time. We never illustrate that, what we mean, is “far-left,” or “radical left.” I don’t care how someone feels about abortion, legalizing weed, or neo-feminism. Believe what you want. That’s what makes America great. Any damned fool can believe any damned fool idea they want. And, as long as it isn’t infringing on someone else’s rights, I’ll defend, to the death, their right to believe it. In this great social experiment, you can worship a box of Frosted Flakes, as long as you don’t try to force me to accept Tony the Tiger as a messiah, I’m totally cool with your beliefs. And the same thing happened when people started lumping “alternative right pundants” into this “alt-right” title created by Mr. Spencer. Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Gavin McInnes, Milo Ya…Yann…Yannop…(I’m not even gonna try. You know who he is) aren’t “alt-right.” They’re just conservatives that aren’t, generally, accepted by traditional right-wing media. They’re an “alternative” right. And, by only reading the title, my friend made the assumption this show was referring to them. It wasn’t. It mentioned Yiannopoulos (That’s right. I got it. You didn’t think I’d let the spelling beat me, did you?), once. And only to illustrate the outrage ANTIFA shows when he speaks.

I’ve swayed off topic a bit. But, it was in hopes that it might help defeat the media grip on our world and inspire people to actually read articles and watch shows before blindly believing the assumptions a title or headline conjure up in the mind. The majority of people, I believe, are moderate and don’t fall into either of the lunatic fringes illustrated in this documentary. But, the mainstream refuses to accept that. “Conservative” means “Nazi” and “Liberal” means “militant socialist.” That’s just not the case. If it were, the streets would be littered with bodies. But, until we shrug off the tyranny of media bias (yes, I mean Fox news, too), we’re never going to be able to overcome this insanity that plagues our everyday lives. Just something to think about.

Look out for my Presidential campaign. I’ll be running as the “Patriot” party’s only candidate on a platform of “free-market healthcare” and “I’ll legalize your weed if you stop trying to take the guns, deal?” The slogan will be “Make America Normal Again.” And, I’m totally gonna win.


Excellent post! I have Netflix but hadn’t heard of this title. Will have to check it out.


What an enlightening piece you put together. I re-read most of it 2 or 3 times just to be certain of the content. Point is, I agree with your thesis. Media bias or Information manipulation affects us now that some very biased activities are “reported” each day. The horrendous engineering of Social Media is such a blatant factor in public misinformation. Folks do not like to think outside of their box, their box is wired and inputs are hooked up to whichever source is prevalent, so there is little to think about. Thanks for provoking thoughts.:sunglasses:


Just saw it and thought it was good.


Going to have to put this one on my bucket list!!