Ambi AR-15 Magazine release

I’ve tested out the Strike Industries ambi mag release twice now, and I’m ditching it.

Mechanically, the release works great, and it has a wonderful tactile feel. The problem is that when I’m wearing my gun on a sling, the release on the left side bumps against me while I’m walking or running and drops the mag. The same thing happened whether I was wearing armor plates or not, whether slung in back or slung in front. To avoid dropping my mag, I had to hold the gun out from my body, using up both of my hands, which defeats the point of having a sling. The benefit of being able to switch hands and operate symmetrically is not enough to outweigh the liability of dropping the mag.

If I were a lefty and wore the gun with the left side facing out, maybe it would not be a problem. But I’m a righty, and it just doesn’t work for me.


I’ve had similar experiences, so I usually stick with standard mag releases. I recently tried an extended mag release on my Ruger PC Carbine. It worked very well…too well. The slightest bump would drop the mag inadvertently. The factory mag release is perfectly recessed to prevent that, so I should have left it alone. My urge to tinker is unproductive sometimes. LOL


I put these on mine and the button is easy to find.


What brand is that mag release?


It’s some chinese stuff i’m sure, i ordered a couple cause i figured they would be junk. they were only 8 bucks back then. when i got them i seen they are well made and solid steel and fit perfect and work perfect so i ordered them for all of my AR’s Let me see if i can find them again, it’s been a long time ago.


I looked around and the only ones i could find like them are Odins and they are 20 becks each. mine are not Odins but a knockoff. pretty sure i got them from e bay or amazon when they were selling ar parts. they seemed to have gone woke and don;t anymore.



I have several of these