America and our Jury system

Showed up for jury duty today, the actual case plead out

The dismissal by the judge however was extremely inspirational,

I don’t believe I can convey the same through text but but one thing that may was his explanation on how the jury was operating as the founding fathers had envisioned, and how the jury can render a verdict of not guilty, even when 100% of the evidence/testimony/confession etc is as guilty

guilty jury verdicts can be overturned, not guilty verdicts can not be

stand up for your rights, your beliefs etc, and take it to trial, all the way to the jury, the jury is the people, and the people may not agree with the law, or the prosecution.


You are not going into something that requires a jury? Well, anyway, the Judge made a clear assessment of the immutable value of juries in a way that is well worth advising each potential juror - anywhere - so as they may fully grasp the inestimable power they hold as a duly sworn juror. Their judgement has value.



Yes we need to see (and have the media cover) more Jury Nolification of some of these asinine laws.

I’ve been in two Jury selection processes. Closest I got was to the last round (would have been the foreman) before I got tossed. Being LE means no defense is going to let me sit on a Jury.




Yes, Jury nullification is one of the few things of value we got from the English legal system.