American Has Never Been So Divided...Or Has It?, by VEY -


Very interesting read from today’s SurvivalBlog.
Analyzes the rise and fall of multiple governments in history and applies the methodology to the US today.



Thanks for the interesting article.

Although such long cycles (as mentioned in the article - around 238 years), can have some serious deviations in actual lengths (those shown vary from 207 to 267 years), it is interesting how so many empires have lasted only so long. Not sure how they would measure the Chinese empire - which, at #2 in the world, would surely be classified as a “superpower.”

However, 2021 to 2026 does reflect the timeframe of the next presidency - will it still be Trump? Will it be another Republican? Will it go to the democrats? Will Congress change its power structure? I think the answers to these questions will help seal our fate, or save us for a while longer from falling.

Regardless, we should all take note and be prepared as best we can for whatever comes.


Very interesting and well written. Makes you think.


This process will be accelerated going forward if the dems are successful in their push to eliminate the electoral college. THAT will be bad news and the average American sheep will be brainwashed to think it’s needed. Trump winning has really pushed the dems over the cliff.


Maybe him winning a second time will be the spark.


We have two choices, Trump or civil war.

The media and left and satanists all, are counting on civil war.