American Medical Association Calls for Nationwide Ban of All ‘Assault’ Rifles and High Capacity Guns


Tell the AMA to focus on healing people and to stay the fuck out of politics and our business.


I saw on my local news today that the American pedi`

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`atric society (or some fucking branch of pediatrics) is recommending parents should ask other parents if they own guns & to be scared if they do. Also ask, are they unloaded etc. before sending their little pansy ass kid over for a play date. Wtf! World’s gone to shit!!! Trying to divide people some more & cause fear


Agreed. If they come after our guns they’re going to be real busy treating people for lead poisoning.


Like they know what is right for people

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Couldnt have said it any better.

should remind the AMA to clean up their own house with wrongful and negligent deaths before pissing on ours.


250k deaths per year due to medical error, and they’re concerned about 15.5k firearm deaths in 2017. Of which the FBI lists, if I remember right, 403 due to rifles. The AR15 accounts for ~20% of all rifles, so 20% of 403 is ~81 total in 2017. More people choke on ball point pens in a year.



Even though they’re responsible for the fewest amount of deaths…

But hey - why should the AMA be bothered with pesky things called facts when fear is much more effective?


You got that right.

the next question
of those firearm deaths - how many are of criminal nature …because suicides will happen regardless of the tool used (Japan).
because the criminals will just stab or beat you as proven by the countries with strict gun control (Great Britain)

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That number is homicides, no suicides. Of that number I believe about 80% are considered gang/drug related involving a felon with a gun shooting another felon. So that leaves about 3100 total firearms deaths. That number includes justifiable use I do believe. And perhaps accidental. I would need to dig deeper in to those numbers, but 2017 data is very spotty.

Fuck the AMA. Dr. Seuss is probably more useful then them propoganda spewing pieces of shit.