Americans are more likely to own a gat than a cat


Turns out, Americans are more likely to own a gun than a cat.

39 to 44% of American households have a gun.

35% of households have a cat.

44% of households have a dog.


A cat cannot even purchase a gun?


Neat statistic though, I wonder how the left feels about it?


yeah but Democrats will let a cat vote!


Guess the cat ladies can’t keep up with us gun nuts LOL


Dont let this get around. They’ll probably try to ban dogs lol.


They probably feel like this. LOL


Lets see.

We have five cats.

One dog.

More guns than either. More rifles and pistols, too. :wink:


How many firearms does your cat own?


3 dogs. 2 cats, Guns what guns? Why would anyone need such a thing? Lol Wait, sarcasm isn’t always obvious in print.


I have this issue, emojis help express your fellings though.