America's Don, America is Great Again!


I get were not a political forum, but a president actually addressing an embarrassment,

Thats nice to see.


Do you think this was a good move?


A resounding yes would be my answer to this.


My thoughts exactly.


thanks for the video, Robert.

Now I see why Trump wanted out of the deal, rightfully so!



That was a fun video.



thanks, Robert - yeah, I like the cartoon.

Now regarding the comment about Iranians shouting death to America…

haven’t they been shouting that all along? Wow! Could you imagine if we or our government, were shouting death to Iran or Iranians?



On the one hand, I’d love to, but on the other, it is just not my style. I am more of a defense-oriented guy, instead of offense.


I’m with the Don. Not the dnc scum of the earth



me too, I am with the Don (rough around the edges, yes, but heading in the right direction).


I am too but I’ll kiss the ring. Hah. He’s done more good so far in less than 2 years than that racist Obama did in 8 years and Hillary could do in a lifetime. He has his bad traits yes, and he does, overall the upside is paying dividends for the country right now. Plus having him in the WH sticks really far in democrats’ craws and I like that. They are squirming and it’s great.

That’s my one and only political post here and it’s the last one you’ll see.


The godfather was overated, im more of A Sopranos fan.



Wonder when he is going to put some effort into those gun bills he said he would ‘fight’ for? All ive seen is a push for some gun control from him.


Yea he was making her happy, so what? The assualt weapons ban bill is still active while the suppressor bill was shut down permanently and even the CC stuff has been pretty much shutdown,not permanently yet but he definitly dosnt give two shits about the 2A. He is starting to remind me of George W. Bush. By now we shouldve seen some activity in our favor but nope, its actually gone the otherway.


Doesn’t the president and both his sons have Concealed Carry Permits?


Yea, they are also billionairs living in New York where pretty much only the rich get permission slips to carry. With all the fuss made of gun rights during his campaign you would think that it wouldnt end up on the back burner like this.


I’m going to sit back and be patient, I don’t think he’s quite done yet.


Im not an idiot, im just skeptical of any and all politicians. You dont need to explain anything me, I dont operate off emotions or have any blind faith in our potus untail he shows a little proof that hes not jerking us along. He might be playing them or he might be playig us, he was a democrat longer then he was a republican.


Totally suprised me and good on him. This shows he’s willing to step outside the lines a little and give that Keebler elf the finger.